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Lady friend needs help in buying a new mtb


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Hi guys I need some help one of my lady friends wants to buy a new bike, she is 1.5 m tall and has a budget of R20000.00. A store tried to sell her a specialized Jett or a bianchi ethanol, I find the bikes under specced for that money.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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'One of your lady friends'. How many exactly are there?
ha ha just this one that needs some help, I think she wants a new bike, and what wheel size should she look at for her height.
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The only issue for a used bike is warranty. Although if you insure your bike as a separately specified item, it's covered for frame damage anyway. I bought new, but actually wish I could have found an XL second hand at the time. Could have saved me a massive amount on upgrades....

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I am a lady and I have a spez camber and it is AMAZING! On a lower budget, and taking into account the fact that your friend is 1.5m tall, I would say that a Giant Trance 650b would be perfect.

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