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  1. OP has been contacted. Lets hope this is sorted soon.
  2. Check with your local SAPS if someone reported it stolen
  3. Climbing fest in Bishops court and Constantia around Kirstenbosch and Nek.
  4. Soortsmans have them instore. Try Gadget time as well. I ordered mine from bikebug.com in Australia, I use it for Zwift to control in game options.
  5. Quadlock, nuff said. Avail at takealot and Sportsmanswarehouse. https://www.quadlockcase.com/
  6. He is riding in Elite, alongside Phillipe and Greg.
  7. Is he not riding U23 tomorrow? Surely he is not ready for the Big Boy's race and would the rest of the team support him.
  8. Taking nothing away from Dennis, but silver for Remco at only 19 yrs old and his 1st year as pro. Massive respect.
  9. I can’t believe you posted this? Those tan tyres spoil it.
  10. Copy and paste your story as above and start a new thread. Name the seller by hub name and send him a link to the thread. Give a chance to respond here as from what you have told us he is not responding to you. Have you rated him?
  11. Good to see a few Cpt Traffic officers walking down lower main road Salt River issuing fines for cars parked in cycle lanes, etc.
  12. The coldest I’ve been on a bike is probably riding in Bethlehem at Maluti challenge and SA’s back in late 80’s. I lived in Kimberley at that time which was cold enough in winter but that Maluti mountains are on another level.
  13. Park in Greenpoint at Virgin Activ. Ride along Beach rd to Camps Bay, Houtbay over Chappies and then Blackhill all the way to Simonstown and Cape Point. Turn back at head home. Most scenic route you will find. Should net you about a 100km.
  14. The EP is my go to bike for training. A quicklink malfunction caused the rear mech to break. I then replaced the whole groupset for a period correct Record 10sdp. I have a C40 HP with Record 10spd and still prefer the EP. It just corners and descends better than C40. Maybe its the sloping geometry compared to the traditional C40 geometry although both have the same dimensions in terms of wheelbase, top tube, etc. This one is a keeper.
  15. 0215903111 0215905617 0215905670 0215905715/6/8
  16. SInce the most recent software update on Fenix Plus range my 'Smart Notifications' are not being forwarded to my Fenix. I have removed and paired the watch again with my Iphone in Bluetooth. I have done the same on the Connect app. Following this I have tried a hard reset on Iphone and switched the Fenix on and off as suggested in most forums. The watch connects and syncs via Connect but notifications are not forwarded still. I have checked the settings menu in Phone pairing and Smart notifications on Fenix but still nothing. Any ideas or advice please.
  17. Delta cleats only work with older pedals. Get a pair of Look Keo Classic. Keo cleats are easy to come by and the generic one's by Ryder and Marvel. https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/look-keo-classic-3-pedals
  18. Cape Cobra Because of their usual contact with humans, the Cape cobra is regarded as one of the most dangerous venomous snake species in Africa. This is a highly venomous snake, with the most powerful venom of all African cobra species, it has also one of the highest rates of fatalities. The subcutaneous LD50 value of their venom in mice is 0.72 mg/kg. The average quantity of venom injected in a bite is 100 to 150 mg and composed of deadly cardiotoxins and neurotoxins. The cape cobra venom is thick and with the consistency of syrup. The snake uses its venom to target the nervous and respiratory system and also the heart. A bite to an adult human has a 60% chance of death if no antivenom is applied. The envenomation symptoms include mild local pain or Numbness around bite site, excessive salivation, loss of consciousness, convulsions, drowsiness, eyelid drooping, limb paralysis. Deaths occur anywhere from 1 hour in very severe cases up to 10 hours or more, the bite victims usually die from respiratory failure, due to paralysis caused by the venom. Local tissue necrosis may also occur.​
  19. https://snake-facts.weebly.com/puff-adder.html Puff Adder venom  is cytotoxic, it destroys tissue but regarded as slow-acting. But based on it's LD50 it is considered one of the most toxic of any viper snake species. The venom yield in a single bite ranges between 150 and 350 mg, with a maximum recorded of 750 mg. But to kill an adult human it only requires about 100 mg, and death may with occur within a day. A puff adder bite causes immediate severe pain, swelling, blistering, nausea, vomiting and later on necrosis with massive muscle and tissue damage.​ If not properly treated and the venom spreads it will at some point result in gangrene and secondary infections oftentimes resulting in loss of digits and limbs. Puff adder's fatality rate is highly dependent on the severity of the bite medical treatment received by the victim. Its bite mortality rate is probably about 15% if left untreated but as high as 52% in severe envenomations. It's considered responsible for the majority of snakebite fatalities in Africa, more than any other African snake, including the Black Mamba. This is due to several factors, such as its wide habitat distribution and their frequent occurrence in highly populated regions.
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