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Feedback on problem POLAR Control Buttons

Guest Big H

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Well.... contrary to what Mickey Mouse tries to implicate POLAR shines as bright as the POLAR Star StarStarStarStar seen in the Northen hemisphere!!!!!!


A small bag with buttons for my S725X arrived on site. They even include some red start buttons. My watch now does not look like a sad old retired boxer and all the unsightly gaps are now filled.


In an email to me they did acknowledge that there was a batch of less good quality buttons around that was prone to cracking..... so AngryAngryAngryAngry to all those who accused me of delibirately breaking the buttons!!!!!!


Please stand for a round of ClapClapClapClapClapClap for Polar Service delivery..... they even satisfy customers in darkest AFFERIKA!!!!!!!!
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Think we need to start a "Polar is GREAT" thread & get Admin to transfer all those positive posts from the "Polar STINKS" thread.


Then we'll see how many complaints there really are. Big%20smile


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Yip, they changed my watch buttons that cracked... awesome service...

Both thumbs up... to them  Thumbs%20UpThumbs%20Up 


Can't admin do something about that threat's description...! It seems only micky mouse that had more an attitute problem with polar. The rest of that threat only contain positive POLAR feedback from hubbers. Surely Polar do not deserve such a negative threat on the site
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