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A few R1000 ....


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I picked up goody bag yesterday in Paarl. lady checked my name, said " I see you have PPA number so here is your sticker and goody bag" So yeah I take it I am riding with my PPA number and  a sticker on the helmit..Smile


I did not get any paper number..Confused

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First prize in Saturday's Monument race in Paarl is a few R1000..


How do you determine the winner??


Fastest rider' date='whether in A or Z?Tandem----its a course designed for a very fast tandem time...


As far as I know it is not a league ride,so if the B's can catch the A's first prize could go to a Brider or even lower down..


Maybe I should phone the organizers and ask them?Often they do not think of these little intricasies..Confused


Not to say I told you so but if you read my post above this is exactly what happened.

I did phone the enquiries contact Gerhard Meyer no less than 3 times 2 days and 1 day before the event,twice leaving messages with his secretary that he must please call me back and that it was in connection with the race.He never called me back......

What's the use of having an official contact person for an event and then they are either not available or do not call you back????


I hope he reads this...Angry
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