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Revue Cycling Club Mozambique

Guest Big H

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Team Photo and new kit.


Below is the whole team .... yes all three members, Myself, M and Jan. Those of you who do not know, membership of this exclusive club in the heart of darkest Africa is free. I am the life club chairman (I elected myself) To become a member email me at hmtorius@mweb.co.za. Current members are :-

Man In Pink


David P (where is he????)



Worcester Wheelers

Vanwa Mordo (Cois???)

Dirt Rider..... as an ex Mozzie!!!!!






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Big H

I see I am a member already.

The first 140 Mozambiqueans arrived to do duty on our project here in Suriname last week, after a 20 hour flight via Florida USA  and are currently in quarintine.

Those 140 are expected to produce about 100million offspring .
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And when will the club members get together ? At the Argus maybe ?

Guy you failed to mention 100million in the first year !

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Hi Big H, pleased to see my membership has not expired yet. Big%20smile


so how are your plans coming along for Lagos?


I'm in for a "A.G.M." at next years Argus....Thumbs%20Up
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Dirt Rider,

The 140 Mozambiqueans are king prawns, so they are on a six month reproductive cycle! 

The other inhabitants of Moz are striving to match them.
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Jille praat nie van die ou mense wat net oefen nie..... fietsry, wat anners!!!!!!

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