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Commuting Cyclist stabbed in head at the Strand/Western Cape


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Shaun Wayne was cycling to work in Strand when he was robbed and stabbed in the head.

Instead of panicking, Wayne got on his bike and sought help nearby with the knife still sticking out the side of his head.

When Dr Brendan Venter saw Wayne with a knife sticking out of his head looking for help in his offices, he knew they needed to do something very quick and rushed him to hospital where he immediately went for surgery.

Wayne emerged from a successful operation, and it seems he has fortunately avoided any brain injury, says Dr Venter.

Venter says Wayne was unbelievably lucky hat all counts because he was also stabbed in the bag and none of his organs were damaged.

He was extremely lucky although we don't know the extent of the damage as yet because he is still in hospital at Tygerberg but the main organs were missed.

— Dr Brendan Venter, healthcare practitioner

The wisest thing for him was to jump on his bike and actually go somewhere where he had a chance and he did very well with that.

— Dr Brendan Venter, healthcare practitioner

To hear the rest of the conversation with Dr Brendan Venter, listen belo




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