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  1. Hello dear Readers. I'm looking for spare consumable parts (chain, cassette, maybe chainrings) for a local groundskeeper. They have an mtb with a rusty shimano acera 8 speed grouppo that I'd like to revive. Pls pop me a message if you can help!
  2. this is why I left. Just here to check for a frame and be on my merry way
  3. The heck? if this was meant to bait, its bait of excellent quality Just came to check what was being said about current cycling here and I'm happy to see the bird exploit human lockdown to nest in a nature reserve. Conservation is best!
  4. Oange seal is rated as 3rd place in effectiveness and most expensive between the comparisons in the link. Granted I've never had any sealant seal any puncture so am very biased, but why is there such a hype for Orange seal? Teach this sealant hater a bit, please?
  5. not picking on you, just the first reply I thought this quote to be relevant to. The article thankfully does state the following: "Regardless of mask-type, fewer coronavirus particles get through to people wearing face coverings, according to a new paper that will be published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine shortly. Fewer particles could result in milder infections if the virus manages to slip through." but also "A neck gaiter, an item beloved by runners, ranked worse than no mask at all." So eh. The article graphs aren't consistent either, so take it with a pinch of salt, whoever cares about that.
  6. From another thread in case you haven't seen it., its a good guideline but not sure if it will protect one in court https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/187827-riding-times/?p=3753676
  7. while everyone is discussing '26" bad', I'm looking for a replacement s-works epic frame... hit me up
  8. The attackers probably tried getting decent service from garmin in rosebank and felt a ransomware attack is required for them to address their incompetence
  9. a bit late to the party, but on the 2 occasions I've dealt with ASG (assuming the Olympus branch), they gave customer service unlike any other bike shop has in this country. Granted this was since Johan has been there, somewhere early 2018 was the first instance. I was really impressed and enjoyed the visits, but besides the email correspondence, I made no online orders. Explains all the random kudo's I've been getting since the specialized was written off. I'd rather have the spez back
  10. Thanks for sharing Frosty. I've been looking to move away from garmin myself, so its good to see a locally applied alternative.
  11. a generic steel mtb bike can weigh between 20-30kg from my experience and I've ridden a 26kg 26er at 70kmh downhill, without the additional weight of a motor. they're trying to regulate too many standards under 1 rule, at least
  12. My point exactly, why ask for more tax when it will do nothing to improve circumstances revolving around cyclists or road use
  13. Take on one issue at a time, because you're going to need the focus to defend your flawed suggestions. They play carmageddon because everyone is entitled to thinking they have the right of way always, not because the rules say "they aren't allowed to run me over". Also if you think the k53 is a good form of driving then this whole post of yours is moot already. I'll gladly pay a special tax that only gets spent on building/maintaining cycling lanes and pedestrian markers to cross over and keep out of cycling lanes.
  14. cars still try and run me over when I ride my motorcycle lawfully licensed with all taxes applied, what makes you think adding taxes and licenses for bicycles will make it any different to what it is. Sounds delirious
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