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Shimano 105 Hollowtech crank 8 speed(older set)


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Using a size 8 allen key I removed a tight crank screw. The left hand side arm is even tighter and I stripped the thread.

1) which direction does this allen key nut loosen?

2) how can I now remove a stripped allen key screw.

Thanks in advance

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Bolts holding BB tight are anticlockwise on left and right. The BB cups are normally anticlockwise left and clockwise right.


Is the BB removed from the bike? Where is the thread that is stripped?

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Hi Martin. Thanks- it a sold BB and not the cups and it's still in the bike. I have removed the RHS allen key bolt.

The thread on the LHS allen key bolt is stripped from probably turning the incorrect way. I may have to take it to an engineering place to remove.

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