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  1. I would recommend not leaving your Edge 130 on your bike in transition during the swim as these have a habit of being stolen. Better to leave it in your bike transition bag and switch it on when you change to bike kit in T1. Whilst getting your cycling kit on it will get gps. Then carry it with you to your bike. If you have set up extended display prior it should then work for your bike leg. I race with a Garmin 945 watch in triathlon mode and use a Edge 520 on the bike so the display is in front of me. I don't use extended display, as long as I have my 945 always broadcasting HR then the Edge 520 picks this HR up and all other cycling data is on the Edge 520 anyway. I will end up recording the bike leg on the 945 and the 520 and just delete the 520 workout after the race.
  2. Try cyclelab they have the Blackburn, when in stock https://www.cyclelab.com/product/blackburn-race-day-portable-trainer which is the same as the Feedback Omnium trainer you are talking about. Else speak to Omnico who are the distributors
  3. As SA is still on the UK red list, I had to defer until 2022 so will see you there. Hopefully wont have to do a quarantine hotel by then, Speedy recovery!
  4. I think you will find many have left. I only now look to buy or sell, hardly comment on threads or feel the need to. When am here, i occaisionally browse the threads and from what i can see there are only a handful who seem to keep the comments section going.
  5. ErgVideo, there a free version and if you have your own structured ERG workouts you can create a library. Also if you have a Trainingpeaks plan you can also pull the workout of the day directly from TP.
  6. https://bikemarket.co.za/bicycle-rentals/
  7. Seems you are confusing a Fenix watch which is described as a multidiscipline SPORTS watch with that of a SMART watch, of which there are many on the market now with AMOLED screen and suitable short battery life. The fenix series caters for the endurance athelete, your Venu Series caters for the smart watch with sport functions, The Fenix is designed to be knocked about, although many don't go further than a treadmill with it. So having nice to add wish lists is detracting from the fenix core value, so your wish list will be better suited to other garmins. Am sure a Venu with extended battery life would suit you and be cheaper too.
  8. Qhubeka NextHash struggling to pay riders and staff https://www.cyclingnews.com/amp/news/qhubeka-nexthash-struggling-to-pay-riders-and-staff/
  9. Max has been 900 with min being 300 during lockdown. I train 6 days a week, so hitting goals has never been an issue
  10. For me it works, as Frosty says collect the points. If I need anything I shop on Takealot and spend the Disco miles. Same as if flying, use Disco miles for Kulula. I currently sit with close to 100,000 miles and have been as high as 140,000. Easy to rack up points/miles if you are active and hit your goals and are with Disco bank for multipliers and extra miles. It works for me, but I have been on vitality since its reward format of 2015 and have not missed a week, currently sitting on 298 consecutive weeks 😁
  11. Currently only candidate status, I presume that once it gets AbbottWMM status, entry will be by qualifying, similar to Boston etc? As for cost, expect entry fees will go up significantly.....
  12. I think you will find pretty much everyone is on strava!
  13. The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon has officially been confirmed as an Abbott World Marathon Majors (AbbottWMM) candidate race - the first marathon in Africa to be nominated. The announcement marks the commencement of a multi-year evaluation process conducted by AbbottWMM. In order to become a Major, the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon will be required to meet certain criteria for three years and if successful, will join an elite group of races - Tokyo Marathon, Boston Marathon, Virgin Money London Marathon, BMW-BERLIN Marathon, Bank of America Chicago Marathon and TCS New York City Marathon - as a new member of the prestigious Abbott World Marathon Majors in 2025. https://www.worldmarathonmajors.com/content-hub/cape-town-marathon-becomes-abbott-world-marathon-majors-candidate-race
  14. Just wondering the cost for repair and not knowing if it will last....in comparison to getting a new crank?
  15. Train by power on the trainer during the week, just ride at the weekend building base, distance, endurance and time in the saddle. Sounds like you do not have enough base. Easy enough to train 1hr sessions, but if you do not have a base endurance for longer riding outside your time to exhaustion will be quick and is perhaps why you tire quickly.
  16. Kona 2021 postponed and moves to February 2022 https://tri-today.com/2021/08/world-championships-ironman-kona-will-not-take-place-this-year-moves-to-february-2022/?fbclid=IwAR1MitEqH2iJdijwa6wnnodnY8TjarTM-CkXd_uHC3qIyWDCdJ9SZew1FSY
  17. Am surprised as IM managed to run Durban 70.3 at the peak of the 3rd wave! Wonder if IMSA will get canned too....
  18. Backlight set on 40% and 15secs. Whilst I get the low battery warning on my Edge, have yet to have it die on me. After about 5-6hrs is down to around 10% remaining (been as low as 6%). It is always on the flash mode and the varia lasts no problem, The beeping and changing of colours (and constant bluetooth to the varia) on the Edge with the varia doing it's job seems to drain the Edge battery more than when I ride with the Club and just use a normal light for group rides as don't need the varia. So just live with it knowing and I guess is to be expected. probably my 520 battery is getting old as have had it many years!!
  19. Will also add my positives to using the Varia. Only downside is the battery as mentioned and it also seems to drain the battery of my Edge 520. 4hr+ rides I start to get low battery warnings,
  20. SRAM is launching ‘XPLR’ – a gravel groupset with a pretty comprehensive range and depth of components https://singletrackworld.com/gritcx/2021/08/10/sram-launches-xplr-its-wireless-suspension-gravel-groupset/
  21. CT marathon still going ahead, limited to 12,000 runners and mandatory free Covid testing prior to running. Peace races (5 & 10km) cancelled, trail races still happening. https://capetownmarathon.com/questions-and-answers/
  22. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/watches-and-wearables/491614/garmin-fenix-5-sapphire
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