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Help please - Pro Koryak dropper bolt


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Hello Everyone,


I have a stripped the bolt at the top of my Pro Koryak dropper post and need to find another one. I have been told that it's not the sort of thing I can buy off the shelf and I will need to have it made. Where can I have this done today? 


Or alternatively, does anyone know of a bike shop that might have this bolt in stock? 


I am currently in Hillcrest, KZN. 


Here's what it looks like - https://photos.app.g...n51fxJVTEHABuP7


I can't let something so small stand on the way of a holiday Giba Gorge ride! 

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Looks like a pretty standard shanked SS bolt. Take it to a specialist nut and bolt supplier *eg JKM Industrial in Randburg) and odds are they'll have one on the shelf. There will be some such supplier not too far from you.

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It looks like you have stripped the head and not the thread of the bolt.  You could try cutting a slot across the head with a Dremel or hacksaw and use a flat blade screw driver to fit it.

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Beef Tanner.... There's a name I haven't seen for nearly 20 years.


A specialist bolt supplier should be able to help you out.


Another option would be to match the bolt length and use a bunch of washers at the top of the bolt to create the oversized 'shank'.


David Marshal suggests a good, easy solution for a temporary holiday fix.... Flat head screw driver slot.


Hope you get to enjoy Giba!

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