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  1. I've always been in awe of this. Kids, who will almost certainly crash, driving death traps. Dads and moms in massive SUVs are only a danger to cyclists and poles/trees behind their parking... 🤐
  2. I disagree.. Being a specialist in one field doesn't always translate into other specialized fields. Designing a 25000 seater stadium out of system scaffolding that can survive multiple earth quakes doesn't make one in any way qualified to comment on bike design with the same authority. Much like a web designer or software engineer cannot start picking apart another platform without seeing the flow charts and data. I think THAT is what happens here. People use their knowledge to make massive assumptions with the authority of a qualification without being privy to all the relevant and important data. That's just me. I think a lot of why people are starting to find this particular site 'boring' is because a lot of the current locals spend a majority of their time whinging about the same stuff on repeat, which means any interesting threads that do pop up land up being ignored or very quickly turned into the same whinge fest. I'm not pointing fingers, I think we are all somewhat guilty, some more than others. This kills discussions and the weight of opinion makes it difficult for people who might have valuable input to comment. I dunno, It's just a trend I've started to notice. Look at me, whinging about people whinging!!! 🙈
  3. Okes, they have to tick boxes. They have hoops to jump through in order to get the thumbs up to put on the event. These are to appease the government, not some scientific power that requires accuracy. If you want to do the fun ride, jump through the hoops. If not, don't do the fun ride. I'm sure the organisers also think some of what they have to do is dumb, unimportant and inaccurate, but, government. So picking apart the bones of how this is going to run and complaining about everything is not going to change that the government laid out guidelines which we all have to follow. We know the tests aren't accurate, they know the tests aren't accurate, but they have to be seen to be doing something other than ignoring it.
  4. ja... To be fair I've been to World Champs AR on my own dime, represented SA with pride and finished more than 24 hours after New Zealand. I'm actually ok with Bob Hopes going for experience if it's on their own dime. My issue comes in when a governing body sends Bob Hopes to world champs who have absolutely no chance of doing anything other than being there. The entourage that goes with is also usually not just 1 or 2 people. If it's own dime, cool. If it's tax payers money? No.... I cannot and will not get behind it. Much like the Olympics and other similar things. The concept is farcical
  5. The 'old hub' was not a good place all the time. There were threads there that were embarrassing. If peoples mothers and wives were to read some of what was said they would likely not be thrilled. As things evolve, what is acceptable and more importantly, what company owners want to be associated with, have to evolve too. I know that it is human nature to remember things romantically, but if we are honest with ourselves we have to admit that a lot of the 'old hub' was bullying, pretty crude, unwelcoming and often resembled a 'boys club' in so many ways, most not positive. I never really strayed into chit chat or too many heated areas as I don't want to be associated with that stuff. I am here for the cycling part and the classifieds. When I want to talk smut I tend to prefer to do it with people I know, not on a public platform that represents someone elses livelihood.
  6. This is true... I'm also banned from doing a number of things on my own and in many instances, rightly so. Luckily she still lets me out on the bike by myself, but not without live tracking.
  7. Hate to say it but your missus is right......
  8. ha! I don't think you want me anywhere near that. I sweat a LOT. It would need soaking for a week.... That light blue jersey with the white and red stripe is one of my favourites.
  9. You can report multiple ads.. It's in the T's and C's. Report them and they disappear
  10. IF I get under 03:30 I will definitely put up a little SPCA donation profile. I still have my shirt from last year, so there can at least be branded pictures. Hub socks, SPCA shirt and a BMX should be pretty easy to spot for those around me
  11. hahahaha I definitely don't plan on being out there for that long!
  12. Hasn't a bill recently been passed or proposed that you CAN do this, provided Mark's Indy has the relevant papers and fits genuine parts? It's a bit different on a bicycle as you cannot warranty a Bicycles motor, you need to take care of that yourself. But faulty parts etc are easily identifiable. IMHO this is where the whole 'concept store' buy in becomes relevant. If you et terrible mechanic service at a concept store, GIANT as a brand are implicated as it IS up to them to make sure it's up to scratch. So use the concept stores, buy into a brand and then see how things go. Stand alone shops are accountable for their own work and are not really the responsibility of the brands they sell. How would all the different brands at Olympic divvy up the costs/responsibility of the training and workshop?
  13. 5E you say? Fancy towing me on my BMX.....
  14. 4:30, but it was NOT a good set up and my left crank arm fell off 3 times. I have a pretty sexy BMX setup now. I can actually sit and pedal - sort of and the gear ratio is a million times better. Sub4 if the weather is good should be good. If I feel good I will go hard and try get as close to 3:30 as possible
  15. 5E... Boom! Sub 4 BMX 2021 here we come
  16. I think it's up to you to have a gander. This is a bit like asking someone else to do your homework for you......
  17. bob-wired.... This made my day. Thank you. SANparks twitter said something about it opening up systematically. Newlands raving and that section of the contour path is open, so I would guess they are opening up bits when they are done with the refurb. FYI as no public cars can access the Rhodes mem area, the gate will remain closed. Lifting ones bike over the wall while using the turn style has always been the 'modus operandi' there as far as I remember. Hopefully it is actually open and all the guys riding there aren't just annoying 'parks. That doesn't end well in the long run
  18. sorry.. roller missing. duh
  19. Have you read the last 2 pages? As an aside, North Korea doesn't even have the internet. It has almost no freedom of anything. Let's not be ridiculous. That's like stubbing your toe and telling your wife it hurts just as much as childbirth.
  20. I'm going to say it again, super duper bleak to be missing this. On another serious note, I have a Thule 3 bike rack sitting in George that needs to get to Cape Town. Anyone with a spare tow hitch coming this way? Pretty please............
  21. I guess citing 'the good old days' has become moot. How organisers choose to enforce this is up to them. Perhaps the entry process will involve a cross pollination with the vaccinated digital database. That would be 'step 1' with a 'step 2' to be followed if you are not part of said database. If it's 6 fully vaccinated entries, I'm sure your tjommie can still pick them up. I guess the issue comes in with those who need to present a valid 'negative' test. Before we jump on the 'vaccines don't stop the spread' train, we must all appreciate that by entering a mass participation event, you are immediately acknowledging the risk. Those who have chosen not to be vaccinated also accept that risk. NOTHING we do will be 'risk free' so they are trying to figure out a way to appease the outcome of that risk. If the 'data' is to be believed, if Rona spreads through a field of vaccinated, fit people, there 'should' be very few hospitalizations.
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