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Why choose Scott's HMX SL frame over the HMF frame?

Brendan Vogt

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I was wondering why you would choose Scott's HMX SL carbon frame over the HMF carbon frame? Just for reference, here are 2 mountain bikes that make use of these 2 frames:








If both frames had the exact wheelset and groupset on, what benefit would the HMX SL frame give over the HMF frame? If you were blind folded would you be able to notice the difference?


I'm not a pro, but i do long distance riding and trail riding, that's about it. I'm competitive n my group, but not a pro.


The pro bicycle has a horrible brown and red colour to it!


I would love to hear your opinions.

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HMX-SL is slightly lighter blend of carbon sheets utilising a few more grammes of Ultra high modulus fibres. Similar to Cannondales" Hi-Mod in concept.It supposed to give you a sliglty lighter slight stiffer, massively more expensive frame so you can strut your stuff in the Epic Chill zone in your Scott racing team replica kit.


For us mere mortals, HMF is more than capable of fulfilling our dreams

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