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Upper Body protection gear suited for Enduro


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I noticed there are quite a lot of brands doing this but few does one that protects the side of rib cage sort of decently.

Leatt is the best for back and chest but this is heavy and stupidly hot. Body Tee 3DF AirFit Lite.

Nothing for the side ribs. It does cover the hips.




O'Neal does a nice one (STV Short Sleeve Protector Shirt) but I would like the back be better is in the BP Protector Sleeve

https://www.oneal.eu/en/products/mountainbike/protectors/0280-212_stv-short sleeve-protector-shirt/



I found these two mostly suited for what I want but are there any others?

Who are the Importers of O'Neal in south Africa.





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Those T shirt style ones are super hot and difficult to get on and off as a rule - if you must wear protection, then rather go with one you can take off and put back on easily - and is compatible with a neck brace - I use a Leatt HD Pro 5.5 on my noisy enduro bike and the DH bike - but just use a camelback Kudu with a back protector in for Enduro's - although I do wear a neck protector - and take it off for the ride up.

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I have a Leatt moto chest/back protector. Its too heavy in std form for bikes unless your are shuttling but I have managed to remove the internal padding which is in layers. I can run one or 2 layers instead of 3 front and back. Its almost okay to pedal in then, but still very sweaty. Winter time it could be great when the air is very chilly though. 

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