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FD choice for Lyne 2x crank


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Hi All,


I'm in the process of converting from an old 3x10 ro a 2x11. I've opted for XT all round with the exception of the front crank. Call me greedy, but based on gear ratios, I'm considering going with the Lyne 2x crank 24/38T - as opposed to the XT 26/36T option. 


The issue with this though is what front derailleur (low clamp / bottom pull) to use. I see it as having two options:

  • XT FD-M8025 - which is for 11 speed, but only has a 10T capacity OR
  • XT FD-M785 - which is for 10 speed, but has the necessary 14T capacity


  • Firstly, is it worth compromising going with the Lyne crank? I'm a big boy so need my granny gear and don't like the idea of compromising too much on the top end (considering I'm coming off a 3x10 with a 44/11 top gear)
  • Where should I compromise with the FD - hope that the 10 speed is wide enough for an 11 speed cassette OR hope that the 10T rated capacity will work with the 24/38T drive?
  • What else should I be concerned about - chainline? 


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I just changed from 2 x 10 ( 38/26 ) to 2 x 11, using the M8000 36/26 crank. Due to internal routing of my frame I had to stick to a top pull FD. New M8025 was front pull.


Kept the FD 785 on and it works perfectly. No rubbing, no hassles with shifting. I am sure you will not have any issues with the 38/24

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