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  1. The issue for me is less about the fynbos and more about the trees - the existing forest with the climb up to Saaltjie and then the young trees up the Irish climb. The fynbos and bush will grow back, but it'll take years for the trees to grow (assuming there is a will to plant new ones). Judging by the image below (red is the unburnt vegetation) it looks like the forest may have been saved to a degree. I could be wrong though. High res image available at https://t.co/OfbnX63Bak?amp=1
  2. Reminds me of the fire 12 years or so ago with the ash raining down in town. I’m still hoping they managed to save the forest area in Jonkers. Now I’m worried about Eden Forest. Fire is after all our cycling trails.
  3. I see Jonkers has been closed for the weekend due to the fire that's been going for the last few days (I think it came over from Franschoek side). Does anyone have any idea of the severity of the fire - has it hit the forested area that has the the jeep track up to Saaltjie?
  4. I'd use the narrower rims for commuting unless they are significantly lighter in which case you'll need to weigh up weight vs traction on your MTB rides. I have a cheap set of non-tubeless slicks which I used to use for the CTCT - nothing wrong with going cheaper if you're ok with a bit of a weight penalty - it's what I would do unless you're looking to chase Strava KOMs on your commute. I have two sets of "bike-tool" kits - one for my MTB and one for road. Lighter than keeping double tools - simply pick the kit you need for your commute or trail ride and its not that much of an additional expense. You can google the length of GS vs SGS derailleurs. Clutch is used to keep the chain tensioned to prevent chain slap and chain drops when go over the bumpy stuff.
  5. Thanks - assumed back-order meant they'd need to wait for stock. Just placed the order and they reckon I'll have them by early next week.
  6. I'm a massive fan of the Maxxis Aspen 2.25 for a fast rolling XC tyre. I cannot seem to find them anywhere in SA though. Let me know if manage to find some.
  7. Hi Eddy, I did it and it was the best decision I could have made. I have a 11x M8000 long cage RD with a 38/24 front chain ring setup. Rear cassette is an 11/42 - you won't need more than that. For races like the Trans Baviaans and K2C the big granny and long high gear are great. Only issue I have is that my 38/24 chain ring is a SRAM compatible direct mount setup from Lyne components and unfortunately they no longer produce them. Still looking for an alternative that doesn't require a new crank.
  8. Would be an interesting exercise to see what would cost more. Upgrading the 930 shock or switching the 920 to XT (incl. new rear wheel setup). I'd probably want to upgrade wheels at a later stage anyway and would align this with when the drivetrain wears out that, and a personal preference for the blue, swings it for me.
  9. I think a good point raised here is that the design has not changed since 2017. Spez and other did their changes recently - I think to coincide with the Olympics (which were then postponed). Probably a good chance of a new Scott design next year? Not sure if you'd be willing to wait it out for a couple of months. Santa Cruz Tallboy would be great, but the price is a limiting factor for me too.
  10. I'm also considering a new bike. Done a fair amount of reading etc. and for what I want, xc/trail riding, the 920 is top of my list. 130mm up front with a dropper will get me over everything it needs to and the twinloc setup is something I see a lot of value in, as mentioned above. A bonus is that the 920 is also the best looking in the range at the moment imho. Only downside I see is that I would have preferred the XT drivetrain on the 930 as opposed to the GX on the 920 - but this can be rectified as an "upgrade" later down the road. I'd say go for it unless your looking for something that is a bit more trail orientated.
  11. https://fb.watch/3fDSueBBVS/ Nino enjoying G-Spot late last year.
  12. Hi All, I lost my (new) Scott helmet visor (white) after taking a tumble coming down Armageddon at Jonkershoek this morning. Only noticed it was missing when I got home. Please reach out if you picked it up and hove it or handed it in at the office.
  13. Details on their website.
  14. Fair comment - I do think think they're still working things out, but by all sounds coming from their side the event is going to go ahead. I hope sense prevails. I think with the Christmas travel the country is likely to see a spike at the time of the event as everyone gets home. In terms of it being ballsy to enter the event - entries opened and closed last December already, way before Covid. I don't like being put in the position where I need to decide to give up a R8k investment in the event and accommodation or do the event and risk getting or spreading covid. In all honestly I'd hate to pick up covid and then infect a parent or friend who doesn't make it at the end of the day. Sure the likelihood is low, but is it worth and R8k chance? In an ideal world it would be great if they could push it out to late March/April.
  15. As much as I want to ride a Summer TB, I think this is reckless from the organisers - the area has been declared a hotspot. Sad to see that decision is being driven by finances.
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