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Scott Twinlock issues


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Hi Guys, 


Friend of mine took a fall on the weekend and now the twinlock doesn't go into the fully open setting without a bit of force. 


Nothing is visibly bent or anything like that. 


Any idea whats could be causing this?



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My guess is dust or debris in the cable housing or possibly the cable got pinched / damaged within the housing. The cable is quite cheap to replace, I would start there and see if that sorts it out 

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I had a few issues with Twinloc on my old bike and friend's bikes. Check that the large Twinloc paddle isn't snagging the small one. If so, it has been tweaked and you need to bend it back to it's original position. Once that is done and if it is still not working, have a look at the mechanisms on the fork and shock to see which one appears to be sticking. Get hold of some good teflon lube and shoot some up the cable outers and where the cables enter the remote for that suspension unit (though doing both is probably not a bad shout). Let us know how it goes!

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