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2013 Hyundai Santa Fe with high mileage


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Hi there, 


looking at a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe with just over 100 000 km's on the clock. vehicle has a 2.2 diesel motor. 


Are there anyone that owns one that could elaborate on the reliability, service and ownership costs etc?


Do the engines last? Known issues?


Google suggests all is well but google doesn't own one. 


Any advise or help is appreciated, thanks


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I don’t have this model nor a diesel but I have a Kia and it’s proven to be Uber reliable. Bland and gutless would be better descriptions but reliable.


Mate of mine has a 2012 Hyundai diesel with 90 000 miles on it . No issues.


Koreans build solid cars these days. If it’s been serviced properly an correct diesel used should be good for a long time v

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The 2.2 diesel in there was jointly developed with Mercedes. It’s strong, reliable and economical.


2013 would be pre facelift. I don’t recall any common issues with them.


Services are like any brand, find the dealer or independent that knows there stuff and you’ll be fine.

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