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Really thin/flat 10spd 104bcd chainring wanted. Anyone?


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On my downhill bike the space between my 9spd chainring & bashgaurd is really limited. The chainring is worn and I'm attempting to replace it with a 10spd chainring/drivetrain.


Here's a pic of my current worn 9spd chainring that I would like to replace with a fresh 34t or 36t 10spd ring of similar width if possible (similar width is required to allow the chainring to fit into the limited space and to maintain the same chain line/angle):




Here's an attempt to squeeze a standard 36t 10spd ring (a rather chunky 10spd ring), into the limited space. Fail. Ring rubs up against bashgaurd. Hence the need for a thin 10spd ring (34t or 36t) or any other solution? Ring doesn't even have to have narrow-wide technology. As long as the ring is thin'ish. Perhaps 34t/36t chainrings of 2x10 or 3x10 cranksets are thinner than 34t/36t chainrings of 1x10 cranksets and is what I should be looking for? Let me know. Happy to cover postage costs. 



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imo you trying to solve a chainline issue inherent to your crank?...combined with the offset of that chain guide.  Difficult to make it out but does all that connect at the bb/ISCG mounts or do you have any spacers behind the drive-side BB cup? a 1.5-2.5mm bb cup spacer will push that crank arm out just enough to centre that chainring in that chain guide...even that N/w 10 speed one.


the other option...and assuming you are good buds with Stoke ;) , ask droo to sell you some of the Wheels MFG 24mm (assuming Shimano) spindle spacers he has lying around. looks like you literally need 1 or 2 for a total of 1,5-2mm tomove the crank up that 1.5mm to get the clearance.


So bb spacer behind cup vs spindle spacer between crank and bearing seal. I use 1 or 2 spindle spacers on my saint crank to get the chainline perfect and as mentioned - Wheels MFG make them. The spindle spacers come in 0.5-2mm thicknesses. The bb spacers also come in 1,5 - 2,5mm.


Edit: on your edited image down here: your current crank/chain line is in red...you probably need it somewhere around green so that the spaces in blue are equal. might be as stupid as a 48mm chainline crank vs a 50mm one if non boost. that 2mm will make all the difference there. also..look at the last simano image re spacers assuming a 83mm bb on your dh bike. as already mentioned...if that chainguide isnot bb mounted..make sure there is  the correct amount of bb spacers between the cup and frame as in the pic.

IF the chain guide is bb mounted..it replaces 1 spacer., so if you needed two spacers as per image....you replace the one spacer with the guide and add 1 spacer.







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and the annual BikeHub award for most detailed technical reply goes to.. :eek:


(Apologies I was frantically preparing for a bike trip abroad at the time of your post. Went abroad. Returned. Revelled in the memories of the trip. Aaaaaaaand, totally forgot to reply to your post. Eish. Your assumption and recommendation was spot on sir :thumbup: ).


and the annual BikeHub award for most delayed reply goes to.. :blush:

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