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  1. sucks. Hope it turns up. that green mamba (I.D) is so photoshopped i could spot it 2m away from my screen though. Same with the POP. ABSA's POP's dont look liek that. the fonts are wrong. The relevant info is always in bold after the semicolons. Dead give aways was the fact that it doesnt have a auto generated transaction number as the first field right above 'payment date' on this fake one. the Immediate payment field is also wrong. a real Absa one doesnt say "approved" it just says Y or N.
  2. maybe a metal version?...but carbon bikes can indeed 'corrode'...as in galvanic corrosion. everywhere you have metals touching the carbon it can cause a mess in the right/wrong conditions due to the fact that carbon fibre is conductive. places like this for example. or a metal seatpost, or headset, or steerer, or stem etc etc etc lol
  3. https://benky-rides.com/products/walmer-bars I have a pair of these. How big do you want to go lol? They go all the way up to 600/750mm. yes You'll need brifters though. I have a bar end shifter with mechanical levers on mine.
  4. Not that i think i would want to find out - please dont get me wrong, i have been through the wringer now twice…but i still have to wonder if a mildly troubled ‘firstworld snowflake’ kid stealing bicycles would have it in him to ACTUALLY strike a person with a hardware store machete? I think you have to be a special kind of broken to get yourself to do that. Here when a guy chases you with whatever, you know full well he has every intention of using it and wont hesitate to take your life if you resist. Thats the difference. Maybe these relatively petty criminals in those countries are realising that masquerading as a violent criminal with intent gets results easier since ‘most’ people there arent used to this kind of thing. Doesn't make it right, just thinking out loud.
  5. More Trek concept stores in the pipeline too. (inside info). They obviously want some of that spez pie lol. This is the future of cookie cutter brand stores.
  6. I wish lol. We used to frequent the same gym in pretoria when i was at uni around 2004. I still felt like a dwarf next to him because he fills out a doorway quite well too haha. We are about the same age. He used to drive around in a similarly small ‘students’ car back then…was funny seeing a guy of his size getting in a opel corsa sized thing.
  7. My current modern bike is a 64.👀 my vintage roadie is a 62…a bit small. I’m ‘only’ 197cm but my inseam is 960mm…legs for days lol. My cousin is 207cm and he has shorter legs🤣
  8. Obviously yes. I presume the slider just got pushed further and further as the chain stretched. Riding it like that is a broken frame and or body waiting to happen lol cool bike though. Agree with the setup, it’s my size too 😅
  9. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/road-bikes/507127/stunning-cannondale-capo-single-speed
  10. And they are just as useless at comms, not to mention how little they actually know about their own product lines lol. Id rather ‘pay’ someone else to deal with that incompetence on my behalf.
  11. agree, the instructions arent the greatest...considering they are a 'Murican company. Took me 2 or 3 looks to do the one on my wifes gravel build (11spd XT paired with 105 shifters)
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