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  1. I have No skin in this here game… i’m just here to tell you that you better have been klapping zone 2 for 4-hours a week by now and that you also made space on your 20” bike for old wives cramp remedies like ENO and rennie too…
  2. https://www.summitbikes.co.za/index.php?id_product=1740&controller=product grab em while they are hot. Garenteed to be the cheapest set you’ll find in store😅 Quite a substantial set of things though. If you consider the rotors around 1k each and you get 4 in the box, including adaptors etc, i guess the price isn't too hectic. At least not Dominic’s. You’ll pay 5k more at other stores soon lol. Pitty it’s the pikey red though.
  3. If that cockpit (saddle height, stem length) is set up where you feel comfy, that bike is NOT a size too big for you imo. then, what makes you say 100mm travel is not enough for 78kg? 78kg is light in my books, especially if you are riding an XL bike and are most likely tall. Are you blowing through the travel too easily? That suggests a fork setup issue more than anything else. anyway, those are internally adjustable to 120mm from what i read. I dont think it will change the feel of the cockpit too much…as with more travel comes less air pressure and more sag too. Think around 10mm probably.
  4. Started clear, ended wet. Still got a PR in that🤘Loved it. Reminded me of being a kid and riding in the rain/dark. Felt like you were breaking the rules somehow😅. IMG_0957.mov
  5. Plus ceramic pistons are now common, which also help isolate heat to the rotor/pad interface. I was breaking in a new set of pads a while back and after a few loops of riding, braking hard, letting off, rinse repeat i squirted some of my water on the pads and it sizzled and steamed like I was frying eggs lol. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to feel how hot the calliper gets and it was barely noticable. anyway, this is now a few years old already, but i keep referring back to this as it was a substantial lab test. There were not a lot of DOT filled systems at the top of the pile when it came to pure braking power. https://enduro-mtb.com/en/best-mtb-disc-brake-can-buy/ Also, objectively the most powerful bicycle brakes you can buy (Trickstuff) uses Bionol now (sunflower oil lol) as fluid. Need to try some, apparently it can be used in any mineral oil system: if the color of the bottle hints at the color of the oil, then we know what sram now uses in their ‘mineral oil’ brakes. “Hydraulic disc brakes typically use either mineral oil or DOT fluid, but the Maxima brakes are filled with something a little different – sunflower oil, or Bionol to be more specific. Created by Danico, the initial boiling point of Bionol is said to be 300-degrees Celcius, which is higher than mineral oil and DOT 5.1. It's not only for Trickstuff brakes, though; Bionol will also work in any mineral-oil operated brake”
  6. Bonus being the ‘cheaper’ ones actually look nicer tgan the pikey top spec ones😅
  7. I would be one but my gut tells me we are probably looking at R10K + lol. And that makes it a hard no for me.
  8. It does for me lol. I exclusively buy mineral oil systems. Im a home spanner and i hate DOT fluid. Has nothing to do with how it performs or why. Its just terrible caustic and generally nasty stuff to work with around anything with a surface you want to look nice for a long time. Unless you live in the northern hemisphere winters you basically also don't have a reason to use it, its primary advantage is useless down here on a bicycle. And then the stuff is hygroscopic too… Al wat ek se is, bicycles for the most part don't NEED to use junk like DOT fluid to achieve high performance braking systems and Im glad a major player in the industry seems to be moving along from that view too. It’s a bicycle, not a superbike.
  9. finally a reason to consider SRAM brakes...no more DOT brake fluid. I guess half of this could be marketing BS. You obviously then don't NEED brake fluid to make a powerful and consistent brakes. Mineral oil much better for your health, your paint, the environment etc.
  10. Spykers is a climb in normal circumstances so you wont be able to ride it before the day. as indicated above, ‘front DH’ is Snake rattle Roll - the trail that runs parallel to the Hammer. do the full! Its only 17km or something. Thats about half of what a full at jonkers is, and all the trails at hoogekraal are ‘bumpy’ xc at best. Edit: ill most likely do this on my hardtail.
  11. Don't forget the OMO foam for wet rides edit: @BikeGenie, it’s a cyclist thing🤣
  12. https://benky-rides.com/products/copy-of-curve-kevin-of-steel-the-go-anywhere-do-anything-gravel-bike?variant=40516199547048 don't forget the curves, from the man himself.
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