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  1. MORNE

    Formula 1...

    PS..best answer from Max this weekend will be to absolutely wipe the floor with Mercedes/Ham. The hurt will be left to simmer for the impending summer break.
  2. MORNE

    Formula 1...

    Formula 1 be like: " I wonder who we need to pair up for the driver press conference on Thursday..."
  3. thats because 'Pretoria' still technicality exists for now...albeit that the boundaries of it is vague. But it's technically the 2km odd radius that is the CBD. Basically the Reserve Bank is in Pretoria and Loftus in Tshwane. But dont tell anyone there...they might get angry lol
  4. CRC offers DHL express now??? {hears local stores whimpering in background...} edit: answered my own question: " Worldwide DHL Express This is a priority paid for tracked service. For approximate charges and estimated delivery times for your specific country please click here. We'll dispatch your order using DHL Express. Once we've dispatched your order we'll email you to let you know, including a link to ’ YOUR ACCOUNT’ where you'll be able to log in and view your order and all the shipping details for that order." https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/customer-service/delivery-options?stop_mobi=yes "
  5. you've even left one under a car right? 😊 PS: i've read that might cause some paint damage
  6. yea..dhl or ups is first prize. but not all the international vendors offer the service. I ordered two packages from the UK last month. Ordered on a Sunday evening...was at my door on Wednesday morning. DHL express.
  7. Sucks, Hopefully someone can take over the brands. It seemed to go a bit downhill ever since they merged/acquired that "ride with zeal" store. Don't know if there was any connection. It was obvious they were not doing well from how empty the store was for the last two years or so. I bought some stuff for a build from them in Nov last year at reduced prices too. They were always friendly though, shipping to WC was never the best imo...but thats the courier they used. PS: I see some of the brands have been handed off to other people.
  8. That and any self respecting german rounds to the closest 3 decimal points…
  9. Yea i had the same with two packages recently (delays). But there was a notice on the website. Donething sbout the unrest and local staff. One from USA and the other from germany via Greece. Funny enough, the one from the US came in with 0 duties/tax as well…just paid the shipping of R239. Was a $200 order. Germany via Greece i had to pay everything though…and i learned their shipping from Greece is so something like R520. It is right there in the calculator though…should have checked. Anyway. Going forward ill check. just a reminder going forward, when shipping things to the Uk from the EU ….Brexit lol. At some stage one might be liable for import duties sending stuff via there from the EU. There is free trade (so duty free) trade between EU member countries.
  10. Also depends on what service was paid for. ‘Stock standard’ should take a few working days. They don't collect/ deliver over weekends unless you pay for it. That reminds me, ive placed orders with Rapide late on friday afternoons and got them on sunday’s in the past on two occasions. I dont know how they decide when and who works over weekends but TCG (atleast down here) will surprise you right in the middle of a sunday braai if you ‘aren't careful’ haha
  11. or maybe stuff gets lost or sent to 3 different cities because the EC cant decide what their cities names are...and nobody can say or spell them either? haha
  12. even though now banned in modern dh, GMBN did a test in one episode...full ski suit with makeshift cardboard disk wheels and it was so much faster lol. this guy was a visionary.
  13. Nee man, just put some offroad tires on your road bike. DH weapon. All this cape epic talk is nonsense.
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