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  1. This is sooo 2004 And windows XP though. A properly set up computer wouldn't really need it. Unix based computers LESS so than winblows ones unfortunately for everybody. But even properly up to date windows 10 Defender is enough security to keep you clean these days unless you knowingly visit dodge places and do dodge things on your computer. my biggest concern about a security breach like this on a online store/ website is all the personal info available to prying eyes…
  2. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/497332/santa-cruz-blur assuming a XXL this time lol
  3. without meaning to make fun of his medical situation.... i would say that wanting to remove ones eyes after seeing that also counts as a medical condition? 😊
  4. maybe the stock shortage of 2020 meant Trek decided to label 2019 bikes as 2020 haha
  5. or too much saddle to bar drop. that was always my issue...but also because i always rode bikes that were too small for me and that meant seatposts that went to the moon lol
  6. you would have done well to read his location under his profile name before you shared your opinion about CT - that nobody asked for btw haha. This is what he does...in one of the biggest bike riding countries of the world. #justsaying
  7. @Zarras!! we need some pics for this thread. where is that DH bike with the m12 nuts and bolts rear axle
  8. brake lever? major broken bones can only be worse when paired with lots of blood everywhere haha😊
  9. not if you start with the women's group? 👀 what i mean is you can dress appropriatly and claim you identify as an elite woman cyclist, start in fishhoek or whereever and make the normal start intime? lol
  10. haha, still trying to figure out how you broke so much doing so little. was it a 60 kph manual? I think there is more to this story but i get that certain things need to remain unsaid so that the wife stays calm😜
  11. even then...it was never 30k. I know because my cousin was looking at one last year dec before i built him a bike. They must think the people here a fn idiots.
  12. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/hardtail-mountain-bikes/501860/specialized-chisel-comp must be a special running .... LOL i dont know whats worse...the fact that they are lying about new price (30k stated) or that a specialised dealer does not know their own online RRP pricing haha
  13. PS...that ER looks familiar haha. Panorama?
  14. ok just to be clear....on a mtb or a motorbike? if the former: Mr. Glass, is that you?? hehe. get well soon. /comic sans/ PS, time for a gravel bike? /comic sans/
  15. MORNE

    Formula 1...

    Ill use ham as an example, he also wanted to stay out but the team TOLD him to come in if you listen to all the radio chatter. Mcl gave Lando the choice with a plethora of radar info infront of them. Hindsight is obviously 20/20 but mcl made a mistake giving him a say in that situation. His still a noob. Anyway. He’ll learn from it I guess. ps: Seidl admitted as much in the post race interviews. ( that they both were to blame but that they probably needed to be more forceful in their request for him to pit)
  16. MORNE

    Formula 1...

    Good on him I guess...first time for everything. He had to get it over the line a 100 times. it wont be the last time we see this imo with 23+ races going a year. thats just another 5 or 6 year domination stint for some team. ...next year with Russel in that car next to him none of this will mean anything anymore. Im convinced he'll be exposed as a fraud and his legacy will be tainted. He's making so many mistakes this year....for a 7x WDC, against someone who is still to win one?? ALO would eat him alive. No doubt. on a slightly..or not so different note: Bottas on his own instagram hahaha. Proves he was sacrificed for nothing in an attempt to hamper Max at the back. I really can't handle this team and their BS narratives anymore. Triumph over adversity blahdiblahdiblah. F-OFF. TOTO is such a two faced bastard. He absolutely no different to Helmut Marko in any way. must be an Austrian thing. I used to know one personally that was exactly the same. They would put up a facade and then be something totally different behind your back. anyway...roll on turkey. PS. Re Mclaren and their utter crap call not to force Norris to come in. This has remnants of the kimi mclaren days. Mclaren scoring own goals in tough situations. I hope Seidl/Brown sorts that crap out too. Norris has too much talent to be done in like Kimi has in his career. He cant also become a "nearly man".
  17. MORNE

    Formula 1...

    p2 for max was absolutely the backfire i was wanting for merc. And bottas did not deserve to finish where he did. He was absolutely nowhere today...what a waste. gutted for Norris.
  18. Yea duh lol. Its a way of saying they do the admin on your behalf. What you are paying them for. also. I maintain what i said earlier in this thread about vat and duties. It is never JUST 15% (ie VAT). There is ALWAYS an admin charge dependant on the courier. If ppl think there isn't, regardless of what the customs info says ( ps merlin always states bike parts) they are lying to themselves and their wives lol. ive bought enough from abroad in the last 20 years to know how to the math. 😅
  19. MORNE

    Formula 1...

    mercedes is a joke lol. gave Bottas just enough engine parts to drop him down the grid so he's just in front of max. tactical move no doubt but hell....this reeks of the Ferrari tactics back in the day people were so vocal about. i hope it backfires for them spectacularly....and I hope they then show Toto's face the whole race long.
  20. Ive seen them but never ridden one. They also seem to get good reviews though. I looked at the canecreek eesilk post. They seem to work in the same way geometry wise, though the redshift uses coils and a piston whereas the CC uses elastomers like the redshift stem. They cost about the same so i decided to go with the combo instead. Redshift has a full lifetime warranty on their products too. And i liked the way the redshift looked more. It doesnt look bulky and out of place on the bike. https://redshiftsports.com/pages/warranty-returns
  21. There are a few youtube reviews that show how they work but to be honest you ‘forget it’s there’ in the sense that you dont notice it working once you get on with it. The preload is also fully adjustable. You can go from as soft or to stiff as you prefer for your weight. Cranking the preload all the way up and adding the additional spring means it will only basically move if you klap something that gives you those ‘i wish i avoided that’ shock up the gooch haha. It’s not suspension though. And i think it wasn't designed to be. They guide you how to install your saddle on your bike considering your previous saddle position etc. It has about 7mm offset uncompressed. They recommend it set up at 20% ish sag/float. You also mount it slightly higher by a few mm to compensate for the sag. The way it moves seems very natural and basically unnoticeable to me. Sure, i guess it wont be AS efficient as rigid bike - but only to the point where locked out suspension on a DS still has some give pedalling uphill…if it even is that much. I got them for all day comfort. Same with the stem, you would think standing up and putting your weight on the bars would make it bob. It doesn't. You hardly ever notice it working until you hit a noticeably rough section and make a point of it to look at the thing. As a final point ill say that throughout everything else ive only done three 100km+ rides on the bike so far and my wrists and tjommie were noticeably more comfortable afterwards compared to fully rigid i was riding before. i also wish it were easier to test these products out before you committed though. This guy’s honest vids helped me decide though.
  22. lol. worth their weight in gold imo. i don't care about weight. i ride steel bikes exclusively. my bikes weigh a relative ton...but they are comfy (and metal) AF.
  23. gravel and tour are the local distributors. https://gravelandtour.co.za/product-category/redshift/
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