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Gravel tires on Trail MTB


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I have a 27.5 Hard Tail MTB with trail tires.The furthest I have ridden thus far was at most 7km at a time,and the local club does 30km minimum. 


Budget Budget Budget is a big thing,I'm a student living with my parents. My dad is very over protective and won't let me ride without him tailing me with the car.


For the sake of the car I've asked to do the tar roads instead of going off road. Would road tires,or semi-slick tires be a good idea to use in the name of getting fit ?


Maybe something like this ? 



Suggestions are more than welcome,Advice is appreciated



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Just use the tyres that are on the bike and pump them up to about 2bar. Then you would be good to go. The offroad tyres will ware a bit faster on the road but I would say that at least 70% of MTB riders spend most of their time on the tar anyway.


At your distances you will not need to change tyres within the 1st 1 to 2 years.


Don't sweat the small stuff, just ride the bike.

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Are you sure its trail tyres that's on the hardtail? They usually stock have fairly fast rolling tyres. I second getting the pressure high and use the ones you have. If you're set on going slicks, ask your local bike shop. Use some that's not tubeless and you can get away with cheap tyres.

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