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  1. Kiwi is in Cape Town and is still doing his thing. Still one of the best wheel builders this town has ever seen.
  2. Maxxis Rambler is your way to go. Even my wife is confident with hers offroad
  3. That's your opinion. Why do you value your own input so much? WTF has Ubuntu and democracy got to do with this?
  4. We tried our luck a few times. It was fun, but the beers in the carpark were funner
  5. Then Sam at Northcliff Cycles has to rate as one of the best mechanics around. He always listens, looks and then does a bloody good job. Take your bike to him for top quality workmanship
  6. "Such an act of hate". What happened? Very broad accusation and no details. There's always 3 sides to every story.
  7. Hi guys. I found a flashing rear light at the top of the fence line near Marks Park last night at Emmarentia Dam. If anyone got home to realize that their light was missing, I have it with me. Send me a message and we can arrange to meet somewhere.
  8. I've had the same thing. Messages from 3 different numbers. I told him I'll drop it off at the station when the funds have cleared
  9. Just a quick question? I had someone asking after a set of those XT brakes. Did you sell them yet?
  10. The new site us so riddled with ads and crap its almost too irritating to open bikehub.co.za anymore
  11. Which side is this thing, drive-side or non? I've built a few bikes and have yet to encounter one
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