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  1. CWC are brilliant. They have upped their game incredibly. If I order this morning, it'll be be delivered by tomorrow. Kiwi (Rapide) is also expanding his inventory and his service is excellent too.
  2. Dropshipping is the way things are going unfortunately, but if Janos and Naas are k4k at their communication skills, their business will ultimately fail. It doesn't matter how much marketing and spam mailing they do, people will vote with their wallet. And it seems that there are quite a few unhappy voters here. Naas, Janos: are you paying attention? No comments from you backing up your side of the story?
  3. You've always got an answer. How is the world going to end? And when?
  4. Not a private website, it is accessible by anyone, and is classed as public media. The fact that only "members" may comment is irrelevant. The fact that comments are deleted and opinions are disallowed is not strictly speaking legal. Taken from the Constitution of South Africa: 16. Freedom of expression (1) Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, which includes- (a) freedom of the press and other media; (b) freedom to receive or impart information or ideas;
  5. It's just another way Matt gets to stay autocratic. Another way he gets to enforce his blind trajectory of: it's my site, my rules. Basically it's unconstitutional. Disallowing freedom of expression. Flame away haters
  6. I beg to differ. Standard Bank usually have a 4 day clearing period, especially if it's a once off transaction on a Friday. I have bought quite a bit of stuff on the Hub and often done payments from Std Bank before a weekend, sending the pop to the seller, but the money only clears 4 days later. I have felt so bad on a few occasions that I've gone back to the seller, paid cash, and waited for them to eft my money back to me
  7. The headset angle is changed too much with the 9er fork, as is the case with a Lefty 29er fork. The 26" Lefty fork works well as it doesn't make the front of the bike too high. I thought mine looked out of place as the top tube was angled too steep like yours. But my wife just told me, don't be a box. I thought I was just giving my 2 cents. Please don't be offended by opinion
  8. I did the same thing on a gravel bike. It's not worth the effort. Rather get a decent carbon fork that fits the wheel and go the proper gravel route. Make sure it's not a 29er carbon fork: it looks **** and the steerer angles are wrong.
  9. What an idiot. Who cares if he has good doctors etc now? When he's older these injuries are going to cause him big pain
  10. Tubeless is good for road, but don't make the mistake of trying to use Stans.
  11. I followed *** advice like that and bought 4 X oval 96bcd chainrings, which don't fit my XT cranks. Anybody looking for 32x 96bcd red chainrings for a giveaway price of R400 each?
  12. There is also some VERY poor moderating happening too. A Hillcrest clown comes to mind.
  13. Try sell it for as close to what you paid for it. You bought it, there must be plenty other suckers out there?
  14. There are excellent gravel routes and mtb routes. Eugene rides every day with their group. Great bunch and lekker rides
  15. You should include where you want to ride. Usually a good place to start
  16. The Ardent is very heavy. CycleLab doesn't have stock of the Barzo at the moment, which is a very cool looking tyre.
  17. All your important ICE details can be stored on your phone, that any decent paramedic know how to access. I think it should be more widely known just how accessible this info is. It's just a case of accessing the emergency swipe on any phone. Everyone should have these details stored on one's phone. We all ride with our phones, and they can be our voice when we are unable to speak. Here is a link for the Samsung ICE info: https://eu.community.samsung.com/t5/galaxy-s10-series/ice-emergency-medical-details/td-p/1119584
  18. Sorry for your ordeal. Please make contact with the Jozi Trails guys. They keep a record of all these happenings.
  19. Having being on the hub for the past 10 or so years, I imagined you to be an old-school sort of Italian dude, given your pseudonym, not a Riyadh from Cape Town who's cell phone numbers don't work. The 2 different pics you have sent me of your cell number don't work, and I cannot get hold of you outside of you sending me a message on the hub.
  20. Don't use Aramex global shopper. I ordered mtb frames from Taiwan and opted for my AGS option. They sent it to the wrong place twice. The Aramex bill was 80% of what I paid for my merchandise. They were useless. They didn't even open the commercial invoice which is always taped to the package anyways. Very disappointed with Aramex
  21. How was the paint job? Who did the paintjob? Would you recommend them to do other jobs?
  22. It was. But most of the people here in hubland don't seem to understand sarcasm. Maybe they're all too clever for me? I guess I should not try be the funny guy. It is misunderstood.
  23. I have a few carbon bikes within that budget for sale. PM me your details and I can show you pics and specs
  24. Ok Francois. I'll desist and disengage. I've never had time for Matt and his cry-baby ways
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