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Anyone own a JetBlack Whisper Trainer


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Ok, This is my challenge, the Thru Axle Adapter that is included in the whisper drive is missing. I have contact local agents, no stock. Emailed JetBlack HQ in Australia, 6 weeks... 


The other option is to get someone to make it, but need the originals so that I have the correct measurements...


So if I can can borrow the Thru Axle adapter kit from someone, I can then see if I can get an engineering firm to make me a set...


Should be easy to make...https://www.jetblackproducts.com/products/JBT-79

Just need the specs...


PS I send Jetcblack HQ an email, and ask if they would be willing to send me the specs... but will see how that goes..





Perhaps you can find the info on their tech centre and in the manuals https://www.jetblackproducts.com/support/info-centre

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