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My guess is False Parasol - poisonous




This website is useful, but like with all things mushroom, always to be treated with extreme care.





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I was also wondering about these ones.

I presume it's a Yellow Stainer.

With a 13 month toddler in the house I need to remove these


Things you learn during Lock down!

With little kids and dogs too, best is to remove them all.

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I pick my own wild mushrooms. Basically, with the right knowledge it is not dangerous at all. I have learnt to identify with a 100% certainty the 4 species I am interested in and I stick to those. Everything else I leave alone. It is a really great hobby and boy oh boy, the dishes you make with some of those wild mushrooms blow away any of the cardboardy things the shops sell. The only danger I have encountered this far is riding off the trail in Tokai because I was scanning the surroundings for mushrooms rather than to concentrate on where I wanted to go. Better not to do that. Unfortunately we've had a very poor couple of years for mushrooms in the Cape, with the drought and the big fires that destroyed a lot of the pine plantations forever and the habitat for a few species with it. My stash of dried mushrooms ran out long ago.  :(

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