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  1. Hahaha! I should change my location. I would love to but I sweat like crazy and there are no showers at school. Thanks for the info and tips guys I appreciate it.
  2. Hi guys/girls I plan on doing some after work rides and I’ll have to leave the bike in the car for the length of the work day. It gets pretty hot inside the car and I’m just wondering if the heat and repeatedly doing this will have any negative effects on the lifespan of seals, oils, grease or sealant? Thanks
  3. Thanks guys. Will see what I can source.
  4. Hi guys I used to spray Q8 on my dropper, shock and stanchions. I can’t find Q8 where I am now. I found some 3M Silicone spray, is silicone spray silicone spray or should I wait till I can get some off the Mucc Off silicone spray?
  5. Well done! I’m really struggling to quit. Story of my life...
  6. Howzit eala. My wife, son and I are in Brunei for the foreseeable future. How and where are you?
  7. Last time I did it was 2014. What an experience. Would like to do it again one day. Enjoy it.
  8. I used to work at a place that sold expired foods. I have made many meals using the stuff I bought there and I’m still around.
  9. This works lekker for me with Cyclesure because I hardly ever ride the bike that is currently insured. I would have liked it if they could have insured my bike while abroad but it needs to be back in the country once every 6 months and thats not possible at this stage.
  10. I’m happy with cyclesure. Never had to claim but their service up until now they have been really good.
  11. I have one of these. My bike’s shape and size of the tubes makes it a bit of a hassle, I have more bungee cords on there than anything but it works fine. As people have said just watch where the front wheel is in relation to the exhaust.
  12. Finding a place to pump up your car tires here in Brunei is a mission so I got this little compressor. Hope it is strong enough to seat tires on my bike as well. For R400 I don’t think it is a bad deal.
  13. I fully agree. I really enjoy his usual edits but Brage was a lot more fun to watch.
  14. Brunei this time. The guys at one of the bigger shops put in some water based sealant but it had dried out super fast. Apparently the Muc-off sealant works well so I’ll give that a go.
  15. Hi guys What sealant would you recommend for a hot and humid climate? The guys here recommended a water based sealant but my tires are already dry and deflating. Any advice?
  16. Sram butter is your friend. Maintenance is frienderer.
  17. What do you guys think? I like the idea. Not sure who will take it tho. My money is on Brage.
  18. Don’t have much time for tv these days. We were glad to see that there is a new season of Happy on Netflix but it is just a little too much for me to stomach. We now tarted watching Suits. Not too bad but it gets a bit repetitive.
  19. My issues are my own doing and struggling to find replacements locally. I’m sure in SA it would not be such a mission.
  20. If anyone orders a GG just order spares for alles. Will make it easier when something poefs. The o ring in the headset has perished and to find one that fits here in Brunei is a mission. Luckily GG is sending me some free of charge. Customer service there is super good tho.
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