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Workshop stands and Carbon seat posts


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I've finally mounted my bench mount workshop stand I bought last year sometime. 

But I'm very weary of having my bike hanging from the stand by the carbon seat post.


what are your thoughts on this ? I know the seat post is made to take your body weight plus impacts from bumps etc. but to me the forces are different when on a workshop stand.

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Seatposts are fine to clamp, just don't be a moose about it.


If there's anything that needs big torque, like threaded BBs and crank bolts, wheels on and on the ground. Anything that needs impact, like headsets and PF BBs, make sure there's adequate support so the post doesn't take the load.

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The post will be just fine in a stand (don't crush it like the others said). The biggest issue is loosening tight BBs, pedals etc where you sometimes have to use the big lever and the only thing stabalising your bike is a clamped carbon seat post. Rather remove it and do the heavy work with your bike on the floor.


Other than that you're good.

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