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  1. Duathlons are in order...run and swim - then drive home 😎
  2. One of the key features... The new South Industries RX rim set is for all road riders who want to extend their performanceThere isn't a rim brake option though
  3. Anyone know if Dwars Door Vlaanderen will be screened on DSTV?
  4. Ask your lawyer to kickstart a campaign for you: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/
  5. Guys are forgetting Admin has done something atleast by creating 'Bike Hub Pay' facility Simple enough: https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/sell-on-bike-hub
  6. Great - Both buyer and seller are "Lawyered up" Members of the Hub Mob Justice squad please stand down.
  7. Sheesh, you being the OP coming across very defensive after been given advice from fellow hubbers! This is your own fault as you leaving the rest of us in this guessing game without actual pics to back up anything. Worst of all, by not outing the seller already we take it that you two are best of chums then
  8. Heres a start: https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/front-derailleurs/451776/ultegra-6870-di2-front-derailleur
  9. Or get a decent dumb fluid trainer such as this option: https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/indoor-trainers-and-accessories/448874/indoor-bike-trainer
  10. https://www.ssisa.com/sports-performance/cycling-service/
  11. Wish I knew and maybe there was a reasonable explanation at the time as to why the need of complete but I just wanted the claim handled quickly as possibly.
  12. In last year when I was insured with MiWay at the time, I too was requested to submit complete bike for inspection with CBR. Same scenario like you, hit pothole and came down leker hard...I was convinced that only the wheels where damaged and persisted in wanting to box and courier wheels up from CPT for their inspectionn. To no avail, I had to package the entire bike (frame, fork, wheels, groupo etc.) Pretty annoyed that MiWay had no local assessors in Cape Town to deal with the matter. On CBR report, they identified a few hairline cracks on certain areas of frame...If I recall correctly,
  13. Damn...is it the same hubber - come across two profiles? One profile I see wheelsets being advertised
  14. If you done any event which was +100km on your normal wheelset, then doing DC should be no different. Unless...you stating you have absolutely no wheelset at all and carbon clinchers is 1st preference
  15. Picture says a thousand words...Can we see pics of the two road bikes
  16. Not at all...that ad was posted recently and thought it's appropriate for this thread
  17. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/bike-fitment-coaching-and-training/434204/basic-on-ride-maintenance-course
  18. Last dealt with Llewellyn in 2018 and that time he had his own thing going up in stellenbosch or paarl area...cant recall but definitely between those two areas.
  19. Will probably look into this with you once my subscription comes to an end next year March - and if offer still stands by then.
  20. Hahahaha i so did that this past Monday...i wouldnt normally, but only cause its my birthday week????????
  21. Mind sharing a direct web link where I can purchase a 38t please?
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