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looking for 27.5 Dual Sus Medium / Small


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Hi all,

Ive been looking for a reasonably priced Dual sus 27.5 for the last 2 months. Nothing worth buying in my price-range.


Something more Trails oriented is first prize.


Flat Pedals preferred


Frame size Medium ( some smalls may work)


PLEASE ...Nothing with a Suntour fork  :mellow:    Rockshox preferred


Giant Trance 2 top of my wishlist  :clap:  but willing to buy any other quality brand and model.


Lower spec frame also not to much of an issue as long as group set, suspension and wheels are good. ( can upgrade frame later)


Brakes not much of an issue, have a complete brand new set of brakes in boxes.


I suspect the market may be flooded after lockdown, so now's the time to make a decision if you want to sell or not !


Budget R15k max


If all else fails, I'm willing to look at some HT's


Pretoria / Centurion / JHB areas


Willing to look at bikes from other provinces if you have a good seller rating on this forum.




Inbox me



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Have you checked the classifieds?


Also you say you will upgrade the frame later.... you should rather get a better frame and upgrade your components later.


Just saying  :ph34r:

I hear you. I forgot to mention that the "frame upgrade" was relevant should I get my hands on a HT, then upgrade to FSR later. From my bike hunting the last 2 months it has become clear that most "good frames" with lousy components are just as expensive as an older "better" bike. I don't know whats happening in the 2nd hand entry level market, but prices are ridiculous for a 5yr old bike, IRRESPECTIVE OF WHAT IT COST NEW. I have been told by some shops that a new bike loses 35-40% of its purchase value after the first year and 10% per year thereafter. That is obviously NOT the case with high prices at the moment for these old bikes. Lets face it a 5yr old bike has worked.

Anyway thank you for your input. the search continues. :thumbup:

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I wouldn't cross off suntour suspension, maybe the lower end stuff, but their higher end stuff is pretty good

Thanks Chad,  The price range im looking at is unfortunately the el cheapo suntours

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I know it's stretching your budget but take a look at this on the Hub:




The bike is in KZN but after lockdown you will be able to have it shipped. Pretty decent components and you can't go wrong with a Giant overall.


Being a bike that is custom most likely means that the owner is really into riding and the bike will be well looked after.

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