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  1. Matt has answered this, in that very thread, why does he need to answer it on every other thread that someone asks about it?
  2. I have only found on Amazon or direct, gets a bit expensive with shipping though
  3. Yes, with a 10 speed cassette That sucks, thanks for crushing my hopes and dreams.....🤣
  4. So quick question then to you clever peoples, can I use a 10speed (XT) shifter with a 9speed (Altus) derailleur ??
  5. Agree with Bob, 40mm is going to be too much change, also, the 2016 Revelation had 32mm stanchions iirc, I had one on my old Stumpy, it wasnt a very good fork, very flexy and always felt quite harsh
  6. I think the guys at Gravity Hub have/had rack mounted on the front of their van, but I assume it was only used for shuttle days
  7. Krankd gear socks are also pretty nice, my wife bought me a couple pairs, length wise probably not as long as you are looking for though
  8. Thanks man, I have another offer pending, but I may take you up on those Will the 11T from a 10speed work, is the spacing not going to be off?
  9. Hey guys, looking for a 10 or 11 speed shifter and rear derailleur, building a bike for my trainer/commuter, willing to pay, looking for something relatively cheap that will work well Oh, and if anyone has a Shimano 11 cassette that is worn mostly in the middle gears, I am looking for a 11T gear to complete an 11 speed cassette that I have lying around
  10. What is happening with the flow/jump line they said they are going to build? Anything been done yet?
  11. I had them for about 6ish months, did not have any issues, I bought those wheels for my old Spez Stumpy, the stock wheels were not great, the Rapide wheels were a HUGE improvement, when I sold my Stumpy I put its stock wheels back on and then sold the Rapide wheels to help fund the new bike because it came with supposedly better wheels, should never have sold the Rapide wheels....
  12. I would also recommend the Rapide rims, I had a set on a previous bike and they were really nice, I personally wouldn't go for the 36mm rims, the 30mm would be my choice At R6k I think they will be hard to beat
  13. That bloody song, now it will be stuck in my head for the next week, thanks Jewy 🤨
  14. Funny enough, I looked at this same bike a few nights back, it looks like a decent bike for the price, sizing seems on the small side to me though
  15. I have roof racks over the bed of my bakkie, so the total height is probably lower than most cars, I cant go through drive throughs, the handle bars clip the "minimum height" signs, but I have not had any other issues, but it is something you need to be constantly aware of, just incase... like when coming home, our wall has an arch over the driveway, need to take the bike off before pulling in, touchwood I have never forgot to take the bike off first 😅
  16. Highly doubt you will get it at a general hardware store, will most likely need to go to a bearing shop
  17. Just edited my comment, should have said "will hopefully" work into place, no guarantees that it will work 100%
  18. If you can get it out, even it is threaded and it has stripped, you could put it back in with a little Loctite 613 I think it is, it will NEVER come out again, pretty sure if you dripped some around on the seam where the driver meets the body, enough will hopefully work its way between the surfaces that it will work as well
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