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  1. Hi Everybody, Maybe somebody can help me with an issue that started with my Kickr Core yesterday When the trainer starts to spin up there is a clicking noise coming from the flywheel which seems to get worse at low cadence. The chaps from Wahoo support haven't really been great with helping out and only suggest sending the trainer to them for a R900 "service" and if the unit is Ir-repairable then they will do a trade-in. Now after some Googling i found that this is quite a common fault with the Core and the solution is pretty easy to fix. This is one solution taken from a forum. "I found my 2 weeks old kickr 2018 making the same noises. I´ve sent a video showing these noises to the wahoo support. They told it was a known problem and that they would send me a small set with parts to fix it with a manual. The parts arrived the next day and they could be changed within 20 min with normal tools. So far there are no clicking noises anymore...I hope that could help you!" Now is this really a quick fix or am i missing something? Attached is the video clip i took this morning. IMG_3337.MOV
  2. I have the Louis Garneau Granite II MTB Shoes and absolutely love them. If you have wide feet then most of the Louis Garneau shoe range is not for you. Build quality of the MTB shoes is very good and overall weight of the shoe is also good. Pricing is not bad but if i were you i would spend a little more and get the Granite II shoes.
  3. Sorry my bad for not reading further...
  4. Not really cycle related but looks cool.
  5. How is easy is it to connect a speed/cadence sensor to an Apple watch?
  6. Seeing that he only joined the Hub today says a lot. Glad you didn't get hooked.
  7. Mus be the same two pricks that were riding the trails in the wrong direction.
  8. I think I remember saying gloves and bibs but I see where you heading 😂
  9. Not sticking up for Spez but your statement about their pricing is bold. Have you been on their website lately? Their products especially gloves and bibs are comparatively priced to many other brands. I own quite a few Spez items and have found that the pricing and quality is really good. Warranty's on certain items have also been replaced without any issues.
  10. Quite simple. when you add your Apple watch to Strava via the permissions screen, every time you log a workout on the watch you will receive a notification in Strava to do an import of the activity. It's quite straight forward.
  11. No official feedback from Discovery unless you can share what you heard? Been on the website now and still no link for Wahoo under devices
  12. Maybe admin should make it mandatory to leave an alternative method to contact a seller?
  13. I hear you but reviews are based on an experience had with the seller, whether you bought an item or not. If a potential buyer views the ratings they will soon see whether to even bother contacting the seller or not.
  14. Exactly the scenario i was in. Almost 24 hours later and no response and ad pulled. I posted a poor rating on the sellers profile to indicate that messages aren't responded too even if the item was sold. Not sure if it was the right thing to do...but it's done and i've moved on
  15. Not sure if the right topic but anybody still having issues where messages to sellers are not being delivered? A seller indicated to me that he didn't receive my message to him on a specific item. If the comment section was available then it might have been easier to see that buyers were contacting him. In my defense the seller didn't leave a contact number either so i guess let's move on.
  16. Maybe the generic chain that came with the bike from production?
  17. Hi, i run a MTB setup with Zwift. What do you want to know?
  18. I'm sure one of these surveys has already been running the forum?
  19. The article doesn't really give a proper answer... i presume they have no idea on how to determine vigorous exercise
  20. Dr Brad Gelbart - Linkfields Knee Clinic https://linksfieldkneeclinic.co.za/dr-brad-gelbart/
  21. Just a note that ladies sizing is smaller than men's.
  22. Is it only me that feels a bit scammed when the merchant gives you the "Black Friday" discount on the RRP and not on the current selling price? When you go online and see what you want at the current price (always slightly discounted to the RRP) and then request a BF on that current price, they go and give you the discount on the RRP...What's the point?
  23. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/computers-and-gps/441359/garmin-edge-130-plus-brand-new-only-used-once Another "Brand New" only used once ad... And to think CWc sells the exact same "Brand New" unit bundled with a HRM strap for the same price. https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/garmin-edge-130-plus-bundle?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0OvZhOSf7QIVIe_tCh1tiwzTEAYYASABEgJ41vD_BwE
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