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Garmin 810 connecting to Magene smart trainer


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Hi Guys


I am hoping to get some help here with pairing issues on my Garmin 810 with my semi smart trainer Magene t100.

The Garmin is Blue tooth and Ant+ compatible with all the sensors.

My trainer is direct drive Blue tooth and Ant+ compatible. Find spec sheet below:



● 2 AAA Battery Power Supply

● Power meter accuracy ± 3%

● Support ANT + Bluetooth dual protocol

● Power assist such as electromagnetic zero + temperature compensation

● Compatible with Zwift, One lap and some online cycling app.



First of all.


All sensors pair seamless and connecting to my phone via Bluetooth just as well.

However as this is a direct drive trainer I replace the rear wheel with the trainer itself so I don't have a speed sensor on the rear hub.

While cycling indoors the Garmin will not show speed or distance. It shows watts and cadence.


I've disabled the GPS tracking to see if this would make a difference. No difference

​I've de registered my phone and tried using the Bluetooth on the Garmin to see if it will pair like that as well but it seems to require a pin like on the phone to sync.

connecting with my phone and the Magene app it shows all info with no numbers of pin codes to accept.


My training at the moment require me to see cadence speed distance watts and heart rate. (Also me being OCD as well :blush:)

Best way to do a live outdoors ride indoors as I don't have ERG mode.


Please help....what more to do?? (Other than buy a 520)


Thanks guys! :thumbup: 



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