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  1. Bump quality was good descending however a bit soft going up 30% sag 60% rebound. I've up the preasure to 20% this evening on the Tarr and kept the 60% rebound already a very noticible difference Less movement during pedal stroke. Will have to see what's my findings on the trails. Will have to do the same route to have an idea if I need more tuning.
  2. I have a RockShox rl 184 x44mm. Standard with the frame
  3. This is the other girl in my Garage I've had a few years Test rider frame...hens teeth today!
  4. Hi Guys I am now the proud owner of a new secondhand Pyga stage 110 but i need some setup advice. Rear shock pressure for 83 KG rider please.....30% sag vibe is not currently working. Single track ,fairly rockey and steep climbs. These are the type of riding condition in my area. Any advise welcome here Thanks
  5. Paint stripper does wonders, alternatively any powder coating company has an acid bath that remove paint like almost immediately.
  6. So it's a large MTB frame and fits me like a glove with a straight bar however the gravel bar with 70mm extra reach is a bit of a stretch. I must admit the 40mm stem makes it very comfortable and manageable on the drops and hoods.
  7. I've since updated tires and Shortened the stem to 40mm as the reach is ridiculous
  8. All in with pedals 9kg...... ( will replace the flats with spd pedals if a bargain come my way!)
  9. Scammer called Robert Kruger. Bought shifter ultegra 11 speed. 2weeks ago. Still not arrived. Phonecall straight to voicemail. Needless to say... The shifters will never arrive. +27 78 433 0690 phone number and email kingsroberts730@gmail.com Rbert hub name obviously reported and banned. Be careful of this idiot. Selling golf equipment as well.
  10. Getting there....My first gravel experience...cant wait. Ps Pyga zero 29 frame no 8 (2010 model) part of the test rigs made by Patrick
  11. Hi Guys I am hoping to get some help here with pairing issues on my Garmin 810 with my semi smart trainer Magene t100. The Garmin is Blue tooth and Ant+ compatible with all the sensors. My trainer is direct drive Blue tooth and Ant+ compatible. Find spec sheet below: Specs: ● 2 AAA Battery Power Supply ● Power meter accuracy ± 3% ● Support ANT + Bluetooth dual protocol ● Power assist such as electromagnetic zero + temperature compensation ● Compatible with Zwift, One lap and some online cycling app. First of all. All sensors pair seamless and connecting to my phone via Bluetooth just as well. However as this is a direct drive trainer I replace the rear wheel with the trainer itself so I don't have a speed sensor on the rear hub. While cycling indoors the Garmin will not show speed or distance. It shows watts and cadence. I've disabled the GPS tracking to see if this would make a difference. No difference ​I've de registered my phone and tried using the Bluetooth on the Garmin to see if it will pair like that as well but it seems to require a pin like on the phone to sync. connecting with my phone and the Magene app it shows all info with no numbers of pin codes to accept. My training at the moment require me to see cadence speed distance watts and heart rate. (Also me being OCD as well ) Best way to do a live outdoors ride indoors as I don't have ERG mode. Please help....what more to do?? (Other than buy a 520) Thanks guys!
  12. Hard tail slack geometry 120mm fork with lockout and light voluminous tires. Play with pressures for your rear end and play with fork settings for comfort up front. my 2 cents
  13. I might have a set at home. Will check my spares box. Inbox me for details!
  14. Pedals fitted to take the bike around the block every now and then..
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