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Garmin Edge 830 or 1030?


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Dear hubbers.


I would like to introduce myself as the "domste drol" for November, after managing to lose my Edge 1030 during last week...#facepalm


After canvassing the route about 10x and also posting everywhere, I have now made peace with the fact that my beloved Edge is no more (for me at least).


However with that being said and after dealing with all the conscious and subconscious frustrations and annoyance, I've decided to suck it up and move forward, especially given that I extensively use the function whereby the Edge manage my Bontrager lights during rides and commuting etc.(especially now that winter arrived here in Belgium). 


So the questions is, do I again purchase a 1030 due to being on good deals following the arrival of the 1030+ or do I get the 830 which is faster etc. whilst the slightly bigger screen of the 1030 is a nice to have and definitely not a must have for me.


Really looking forward to your input and contributions, whether in scientific or non scientific format. :)

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All Garmins come off their mounts at some point ....



Use the supplied strap, attach it to the bar before mounting the Garmin ....




I was lucky .... picked my 520 up in the grass .... started using the strap after that. Hele paar van ons het al daai les geleer ...




Sorry, I dont know those two models ....

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Hi Charlie

At the end of the day it  boils down to the screen size of the Edge 1030 or the few extra cycling features now included with the Edge 830.

The Edge 830 will have MTB Dynamics, Integrated TrailForks Trail Data, Assistance and Bike Alarm and the unit is slightly faster like you say. If you want those then the Edge 830 is for you.

If you want the bigger screen then Edge 1030 is the way to go.

We will be running some Black Friday deals on the Garmin Edge 830 and Edge 1030. Keep a lookout tonight at Midnight when our sales go live. Stock is limited on some items so if you are looking to purchase a new unit get clicking, now is the time.

Checkout our website




Or the Hub Forum below.




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The 1030 also has MTB dynamics and trail nav data.

The 830 has a better screen that doesn't go blue

The 1030 seems to have a lifetime warranty because mines been replaced three times now no questions asked. Blue screen and broken mount tabs seem to be common.


Yes MTB Dynamics with Software Upgrade to Version 8.0. Sorry and the Screen on the 830 is better as you say.

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How good is the 830 touch screen in the rain and with gloves?



pretty good. You can set the sensitivity in the settings. It works better than the 1030's screen which seems to be too sensitive in the high sensitivity and medium modes and then too insensitive in the low sensitivity mode. The 1030 + corrects these issues as it uses the same screen tech as the 830.


Another benefit to the 830 is there are a lot more outfront computer mounts compatible with it. The 1030 and 1030+ requires extra long mounts, there are not many aftermarket options. Of course there is a mount included in the box whether you purchase a bundle or not

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  • 3 weeks later...

So just for some feedback...The edge 830 (mtb bundle) is freaken awesome!! I'm actually truly enjoying the smaller screen real estate whilst the enhanced touch screen sensitivity together with faster processed compared to my (non plus) 1030 is superb.



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