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Stolen: Momsen SL729 2019 (Cape Town)


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Stolen: Momsen SL729 2019
When: 8 December 2020
Where: Cape Town, Western Cape

It happened at approx 4.30am on Main Road, Woodstock, heading to Claremont, close to the Woodstock Quarter. I was cycling alone (on my way to meet up).


Three or four guys jumped out from the sidewalk and tried to get me off my bike. I thought I'd managed to get away from them, but I think they must have got something into my wheel, or destabilised the bike some other way, so I went over the handlebars. I didn't get a good look at them, and I have no recollection of events after going over my bars until the security at Woodstock Quarter woke me up inside their building. I saw no weapons.


Reported the incident at Woodstock SAPS, and the ambulance took me to Chris Barnard. X-Rays showed no breaks, but the doc said there is possibly some tendon damage. Mild concussion, some cuts and grazes on my face and shoulder but no other injuries.

Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
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