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Shop selling Dirt Jump Bikes


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Decide which brand you want, go to a shop that sells that brand, and ask them to order for you. Not many shops are going to carry stock. 


If you're in the Somerset West area give the Hanger Bike Co a call. A few of the guys that work in the shop have DJ bikes, so I am sure they will be able to help you out or at least point you in the right direction. 

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Do someone have a list of shops that sell dirtjump bikes. Good brands?

Ons moet nog praat oor n jump line deur die parkie by die ou hospitaal.

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Good Luck.


Took me 4 painful months to build a DJ and I'm sure i probably bought all the stock that was still left in SA :-) . Still not everything I wanted, but at least the bike is running now.  Unfortunately the worldwide "shortage" of everything bicycle related is a problem, compounded by the fact we live in dark Africa and no one is interested in importing anything unless is ( XC,  29r MTB parts )   makes it a challenge.  There are a few complete ( overpriced) bikes for sale here on the hub . Rather buy a complete bike, try negotiate a better deal or simply import direct. If you still want to build a bike locally, it will cost twice the price of buying a used complete bike. You will have to track down every single bike shop and ask what parts they have lying around...its a hell of a mission, but this way you may still be able to build up a bike even if its non matching sets of wheels, hubs, rims etc and mix of of colours.

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