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  1. One or two threads close before I can read them… My only concern sofar is loosing some members which inputs and outlook on life, I enjoyed. I do keep coming back, since I love bikes and all cycling related, but definitaly less and reading more on international sites and bike builds.
  2. The mountain biker on Orbea currently? Strange move, not many successful with these moves, Cink as an example. Understand the money is better even being dom to top 10 on xco level.
  3. Was going to say go oppisite but the white does look sleek and clean! Enjoy n+15
  4. Share the paint scheme idea form the Trek. That brushed silver look of Sina Frei, I like.
  5. https://cyclingtips.com/2021/09/dangerholms-custom-7-13-kg-scott-addict-gravel-is-a-work-of-art/ Favourite builder doing a gravel bike. All this negative comments, to much, here for the bike porn and thats it. Leef en laat leef.
  6. Please show some more pictures, Dangerholm style. Spec sheet. Looks beautifull. Mobu got some coverage on Pinkbike day one Eurobike.
  7. Well done Louis!!! Awesome result.
  8. John, how does the teams energy drinks differ from off the shelves purchase from us wannebees? Just percentage, the technical detail will be way above my understanding. Do the team get off the shelve products or special formulas or even per rider formulated?
  9. Would like to read a lekker interview with GM. Not just racing, but also family life and his bike collection. Do he have one if those Honda machines?
  10. Matt Beers also qualified, 39 starting number.
  11. https://m.pinkbike.com/news/results-short-track-xcc-qualifying-val-di-sole-world-championships-2021.html Alan won his heat.
  12. My votes go towards the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport or VW Transporter 4Motion. Looked at these two vehicles a few months ago, the price tag unfortunately. Settled for another secondhand Triton, but alteady thinking how lekka the whole family would have travelled in the Kombi over December.
  13. Agree, he rides with confidence in this Vuelta.
  14. Louis had a good ride! Finished with some big names and before some.
  15. Beautifull, think the wheels needs some blue flames.
  16. 21 May 2008 a payment was made as a capital contribution to the company in exchange for shares. This capital was put to use to develop and market these amazing products. With the excellent results the last two years it is not unreasonable expectation from shareholders for a dividend or an opportunity to sell their shares. Not sure many investors will be satisfied with no return for 13 years. The company already moved to the US, the shares was issued in Salt Lake City. Our region had drought for seven years, last weekend past through the Boesmanland, still many farms without rain and veldt. Farmers spent their last savings on fodder to keep the few remaining livestock alive, this share investment can be used to buy feed, build a new herd, pay for living expenses. The farming community support many households, sure the taxes paid by the extended farming community exceeds the companies tax portion on the 4% sales in SA. Great success story, amazing product...hopefully this can be extended to the minority shareholders
  17. Not sure. Received a few bar in remuneration from the last AFS I could find online. There is definitely a back story that I am not privy to from a settlement reach that was part of the Form 10-K filed with the Securities and Exchanged Commission.
  18. Her shares are also worth something, even more at the share price quoted in the article from my initial $10.50 calculation. My local experience with OTC is that it is not always easy to off load. Her case even more complicated with the death of the husband and the changes required on the share certificates.
  19. Going to be a bit negative. Was initially skeptical when a family member told me she holds shares in Leatt. Took it as a ja boet story. Few months later she shows me the original share certificate issued to her husband. Farmers in the Boesmanland, having shares in a cycling company, would not have believed in a 100 years... Was very keen to assist her to transfer the shares to her name as per the will, but was quickly disillusioned. Try and get a hold of some one to assist with a share transfer from the estate. The share dilution back in 2012 was not great for initial investors, 25 / 1. Shares trading in US OTC, seems like the OTC is a gamble in the US. My comments to her was to hold on to the shares.
  20. Nice bling front tri spoke or spinergy front wheel, just because you have to look fast going still.
  21. Was able to due 3 early morning runs. Got lost the first day, my fault, no sense of direction and a 10km became a 16km. The rain cancelled out the other days. Over the weekend the roads were quite, only cyclist on my way back. Tuesday, busy with many runners. Did not feel unsafe, but did not enjoy the runs due to the unknown surrounds. Keep safe and enjoy your cycling!
  22. Coming down to Cape Town for few days. No bike unfortunately, but will be bringing my tekkies. Been a slog the last three months so I do not want to miss my early morning runs. Is it safe to run alone at around 5am in the Rondebosch area? I know this is going to be the topic of our discussion on the 9 hour drive... and would like to call on the Hub wisdom as a matter of fact!
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