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  1. https://cyclingtips.com/2021/07/a-tropical-storm-is-coming-for-the-olympic-mtb-and-time-trial-events/ seriously tempted to stay in tomorrow morning for the triathlon and mtb.
  2. De Bod not very happy at the back.
  3. Age perhaps finally catching up.
  4. Was it not a rum and raisin PVM.
  5. Limit of R20k for small claims court. Divide per tour.
  6. This has been on my mind recently and wanted to ask a few times for input from John. Many sports, no fixed training schedule, let them play and find out what they like, that was the default answer. Seeing this new younger age athletes (cycling, swimming) not sure this is still the case. These athletes must have had structured training and volume for years to perform like they do. This interest me, supporting a few disadvantage children runners and just seeing what a change in diet can do to their performance. This is going to sound strange, bear with me: I have asked a biokinetics if it is possible to take one of these children and turn them into world class athletes by structured training from a very young age, and he was not convinced it is possible.
  7. https://www.pinkbike.com/news/round-up-15-olympic-edition-bikes.html Between the Trek and the Liv. Like the Trek very much, a play on my dream paint job, Kalahari Sunrise.
  8. Awesome Patch! Great sport. Thank you! Thanks from the Upington Animal Welfare Society for the "ruim" donation of food and blankets. The donation of food came just at the right time.
  9. Yesterday on Pinkbike, bloke from Cannondale challenging Dangerholm to a kids bike build-off. Have to say the lefty dale kids bike look great as is.
  10. John bit off topic and if you can`t answer, understand 100%. Personally chuffed with the performance of Louis this year. Few years back mentioned a move to Trek or Cofidis that did no go down great. a Trek move still intrigues me, the question: Can Louis change is tactic and style of rider to become like Bauke Mollema or Kenny Ellisonde? Is teams looking for this or is a top 15 Tour result enough to stay relevant in Europe? This year his riding improved one or two days his bunch positioning cost him places or burned matches to close gaps. Would like to see Louis in more one day races, Il Lombaria!
  11. No word on the triathlon front. Henri is a medal hope. Not sure about Richards health, on good health outside chance.
  12. Any news on Louis? Think he only had a 1 year contract.
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