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  1. @Shebeen you are probably one of the four people on Bikhub which I reckon can go and run Comrades tomorrow morning still dressed in your PJ`s. All of the best waiting out the 15 weeks!
  2. Congrats. If you have time, please share some pictures.
  3. Don`t think the heart rate zones is correct. With those zones the blowout should not have happened.
  4. The new Pinarello Dogma X has a cut out BB junction, marketed as a Strut to increase pedaling efficiency.
  5. For the Munga and our flat lands in Northern Cape the geo is fine. Now to decide on a nice paint scheme…very lucky. All the best with Munga training.
  6. Time to show off those Elves with an appreciation post.
  7. See there is a road bike in the classifieds. Option to reach out to seller, there is probably a connection. Been keeping an eye on them for the last twelve months. Reviews of the road bikes is promising. Unfortunately with our weakening ZAR, not necessarily meaning a bargain purchase. Can`t exactly recall the geo of mtb, but was on the conservative side. PS. That road bike is a beauty, will consider above the Titan I`m very fond off.
  8. @Pure Savage going disc!😃
  9. From this article Candice is riding with Mona. https://www.netwerk24.com/netwerk24/sport/nog-sport/lill-spog-met-nuwe-span-borgskappe-en-epic-spanmaat-20240130
  10. Not sure it is going to make a difference, since the chain stays length does not change.
  11. DJuice


    After reading the article, could not help to think of our own wanderers @Lynskey and Frail, trust you guys are well and exploring SA on two wheels! https://escapecollective.com/meet-the-man-who-rode-more-new-roads-than-anyone-else/
  12. It was HOT! Even the Upington boys took a beating! Some technical problems in the first half, but still 1h30min longer than normal ride time.
  13. Yesterday morning run at 5am 24 degrees, on my return just before 6am, cool 29 degrees. Our weather is changing, our evenings way cooler than 10 years ago.
  14. Come to Upington for some heat training!!! A lekker route from Upington to Kakamas and back.
  15. Congrats! Do not that the UCI see your brake hoods.
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