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Questionable numbers from Stages PM


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Hi guys.

So new bike, go riding, got questionable numbers from the Stages (brand new), 

my ftp is normally 255, Training peaks sommer after suggested I change it to 298..., a ride with a normal tis of 120, had a 249tss...

remembered after I've never calibrated the new stages arm onto the Garmin, so did that, 946, normal acceptable range I believe is 890 ± 50... so it's borderline out.

could the lack of a calibration have been the source of the numbers... or is the 946 the problem and I need to get it returned to Cape Cycles...


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Posted (edited)

it is really borderline offset for a brand new one.

I sent one back but it was really far out de 890 +/-

My current one rubbed against the rear brake hose on the MTB, and a little bit of plastic + metal eventually wore out. Now it calibrates at 750, but since it's out of warranty I just keep it. The numbers seem a bit optimistic during high intensity intervals but other than that it seems to still be about right.

You should be able to know if it's more or less ok if you do an all out sprint or a 5 mins all out see how it differs from what you usually do

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so on the first ride I saw some "questionable" numbers, but did not think it scary out, just through new pm maybe more accurate...

and then ye yesterdays ride told me something very wrong, 

so quickly did the calibration, and went and rode that same quick loop I did a couple weeks back on first ride. (i've been sick and weather has been bad so haven't been able to get outside).

you can see this one, after calibration the numbers are proper/realistic/believable...

So for anyone else, hell yes the lack of a calibration and totally wack the numbers out of the park...



Pre Calibration.png

Post Calibration.png

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So with any PM there's a learning period, usually a couple of hours. 

My Quarq and Stages did the same. I called the Stages rep at Omnico and he suggested that I calibrate before every ride for the first few hours and if it doesn't normalise by 10hrs of use to take it back to the LBS and send it back to them.

It settled after 6hrs. 

The Quarq settled after about 4hrs. I seem to recall they had a blurb about this in the manual

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