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17 minutes ago, TNT1 said:

Seeing as you are more involved in this, would there be a difference in bike setup for a person to generate their most efficient power vs one for them to be optimally comfortable?

Generally speaking the most powerful position IS the most comfortable position. Mainly because you don't get to the limits in range of movement/flexibility etc.

Aero AND powerful are where the main problems start...

Bike fitting is mostly a tale of two halves - seat to bottom bracket and bars to bottom bracket. For most positions (comfy to aggressive) the seat to BB position stays the same. It's the bars to BB position that determines how "aggressive" the position is (and how compromised movement becomes to improve aerodynamics).

Power generation is also a factor of course - the higher your FTP the longer you can hold an aggressive position without pain.

All of this is "generally speaking" of course - each bike fit is unique to the rider.


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On 6/20/2021 at 10:21 AM, Barry said:

I have seen debates on other forums with the pro riders who mesure as a 44cm and ride 38cm. Does this cause them discomfort? Do they just ride through the pain? Is width an issue when setting up or personal choice?


21 hours ago, Steady Spin said:

I did have the old core go to flab again in the last few months. I must admit that in December the sore neck and blades were ok. 

Then came issues with shoulder pain and numb pinky on my left hand and now the neck again. 

Time to slim down again. 


Good point my core is rubbish, so far all brilliant advice

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1 minute ago, Sloggy said:


Good point my core is rubbish, so far all brilliant advice

Mine went to **** when I stopped riding on the IDT 4 times a week. 

I tend to sit up straight for long stretches when I train and it really made a difference to my core. Started again last night and I can feel I worked it a little in the 20km I did. 

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21 hours ago, _David_ said:

In my experience not all bike setups are equal.

If you decide to get one done I can recommend the guys at https://www.cyclefit.co.za/ worth every penny in my opinion.

Thank you for the help, I did have a bike fit on my previous bike and I did get a print out. I have tried to replicate but obviously bike geometry differs so will bike fit. Thanks again for everyone's advice

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