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[Event] Jar from Dirt Gravel Ride

Pedal Power Association

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6 hours ago, white tiger said:

Did the 120 km race.

Lovely race and day all round. Well organized, lovely venue for the start and finish.

The route was well marked with beautiful scenery. I also think a slightly earlier start might be nice considering the heat. I stay at the campsite for the Friday evening, which worked very nicely. It had nice shower and toilet facilities overlooking a huge dam.

Can highly recommend it.


yes that dam looked appetizing for a nice swim. I don't have all the camping accessories but maybe an option for next year.

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2 hours ago, Jbr said:

Yeah I was keen initially to organise a weekend away that side as last time I drove back from Worcester by that road I was blown away by the views by the Stettyn farm, but I had a school concert that morning, I think the closer to december you get, the more people have family commitments

we can always do a self supported gravel ride that side which takes in 40% of the gravel roads we raced on Saturday. Got a nice adventure planned in December, keen? drop me a PM


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On 11/23/2023 at 10:31 AM, MongooseMan said:

Yeah, I'm waiting to feel my legs on Monday before entering 🙈😂

I can confirm after DC and then doing this I couldnt feel my legs, it was either suck it up or forfeit my entry fee.

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On 11/16/2023 at 11:44 AM, Shebeen said:

wait, are they confusing Sir Ernie's hike over South Georgia with a crash in the mountains by a plane that carries his name?

he was in Cape town, but doubt he would have gone hiking there as there would have been no convenient access to valley

Haha -- I wonder if that's a ChatGPT f-up or just somebody at PedalPower getting their wires crossed! 


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