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Tube size vs Tyre size


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Hi guys

Silly question, I have installed 28mm tyres and was wondering if anyone has had any issues running narrower I.E. 23/25mm tubes in their 28mm tyres? 
Still have a few left so would ideally like to use them up if i can do so safely. 
Have One Tonner this weekend and not keen on taking unnecessary risks. 

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23/25mm tubes should be fine in a 28mm they will stretch a little more thus thinner rubber. 

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52 minutes ago, WIPEOUT 1000 said:

Go tubeless 🙂, but should not be problem at all.

Wheels don’t allow for that

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I converted to 28mm tyres about a year ago . I stayed with the 23/25 mm tubes and even pumped tyres to 6 bar not knowing that one can ride them at a lower pressure . I have not had a issue and know pump 4.5bar front and 5 bar rear . The comfort level is very noticeable.  

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