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Indoor trainer

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Hey guys,

I want to get myself an indoor trainer for some mild training but I have no clue where to begin and what to look for and not. I have read a lot different articles and guides but I am not really getting what I need out of them and maybe some experienced peeps here can help me make the best purchase.

So I want a trainer that can work with the following:
Budget: +/- 4k (second hand)
Bike: Hardtail mountainbike with 2.6" tyres and thru-axles.
Features: I just want to be able to pedal indoors, the less features the better I guess for my weak ass budget.

I want it to be as easy to use and I don't want to have to buy a whole load of pieces to make my bike fit or so not sure if that is a thing even.

Thanks a lot

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Get a gym membership and go use the Wattbikes there, much easier.

You will need a 26" rear wheel and trainer tyre to work with the trainer you posted above. A trainingapp of some description is highly recommended otherwise you will just be sitting there grinding away mindlessly and getting no training benefit. Also keep in mind that using an IDT with a mountain bike is a real chore as you are limited with your hand positions, and it can become quite uncomfortable quite quickly.

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2 minutes ago, Hello Ruan said:

Are rollers even an option here? Why is this so difficult haha

I have rollers and an indoor trainer (Wahoo Kickr).

Rollers are great but they will never give you a hard workout. They are good for recovery, loosening up your legs, improving your pedal stroke and improving your balance. And burning a few calories. I really like mine, but without much in the way of resistance they don't really get your heart rate up too high and probably haven't added many watts to my legs. They are also cheap and robust, and pack away nicely under your bed/in your cupbard/etc. But... you can't ride on one with mtb tires. You will need slick tyres.

The Kicker core is a bit beyond your budget. But for winter and riding in the week when the roads outside are too busy, it has been a game changer. I've drunk the cool aide, joined zwift and follow training programs on there. I really enjoy it. I'm sure there are second hand options out there for resistance type indoor trainers within your budget, I think that style are called "wheel on" trainers. I don't know much about them, so I'll leave that up to somebody else.

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3 hours ago, Hello Ruan said:

Before going "smart" Kickr Snap I used a Cyclops Fluid 2 with Trainneroad and my daughter is using it now. It made me a fitter cyclist and riding indoors when the outdoors are not friendly. The above is well priced and you will get most of your money back once you decide to upgrade. So just do it you know you want!!

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