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  1. I think every body is holding their breaths on this one..........the guys fit and strong wants it to take place , the not so fit hopes for some extra time...........
  2. Fortunately me and my partner bought tickets for less 50% R 4375 x 2 i think....
  3. Omw i have booked a tour with him.....Hessequa/Overberg cruise , and i see the site is Off Line....what a #×+@$!!!
  4. I have not "chat" on bike hub for some time now, and I am not a great contributor too many of the threads. I must still get use to the new lay out , which really does not do it for me , maybe the resistance to change is stronger than ever. I feel now less eager to visit the site because this was a once stop "shop" to get a lot of info, I don't do FB etc etc. Its early days still, maybe the change is for the better?
  5. I can relate to all the stories above...........my weight is constant from Dec, but i lack getting back to eating less and more healthy......my training makes up for what i put in my mouth fortunately , dont know for how long still!!
  6. I dont smoke, so the money i spend at my LBS, is for the smokes i am not buying...
  7. I don't think you can go wrong with a Concept2 product, but how effective it is I really don't know......looks tiring
  8. My Brooks saddle stretch a lot due to the milk cream and stuff i used when breaking it in....i smeared my backside not the saddle!! How do i get the saddle back to its original form. I do not want to tighten the bottom screw to stretch the saddle more, it is half way now....please help me out on this one.
  9. This is a fairly good deal, my daughter has one, and she use Trainer road with it......its not a smart trainer which is nice because with load shedding you can still use it!!
  10. Vettes is jy nie weer deel van die Munga nie?
  11. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/indoor-trainers-and-accessories/448874/indoor-bike-trainer this will work and the balance can go for extras, dongle etc......
  12. with my 5 buffalo we've got R 3k nearly there for the Kickr in the classifieds https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/indoor-trainers-and-accessories/463924/wahoo-kickr-snap
  13. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/indoor-trainers-and-accessories/463924/wahoo-kickr-snap I see a "newby" is advertising this, maybe a good buy including the wheel......i will contribute 5 buffalo...
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