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Single Speed or Geared?

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Hi Good folk  

Looking for some advice, new to this( Havent been on a bike since i was a kid new), looking to start cycling for fitness and as a means to commute.  What kind of bike would be best for a beginner such as myself, also is it realistic to think i can pull off a 30km commute or am i kidding myslef? 


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Geared, and depending on the total ascent for the distance you plan to ride i would suggest 10 to 20 km to start with and steadily increase it depending on how you feel + how well you recover. But, there are many many many more factors that can influence this e.g. your age, weight, diet, fitness, weather, etc. just to name a few…

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Depends on your budget and your route to work. If that's reasonably flat then a SS is great because your maintenance will be tyres, brake pads and a service once a year. You'll also get a much better bike for your cash cos it's got way fewer components, and many bike thieves will be put off by something that looks hard to ride or sell.

You will get strong, and quicker than you think. As you get stronger you can change your gearing to suit.

I'd definitely go with nathrix's suggestion of starting small and building up, although if there's a public transport option and somewhere at work to stash the bike overnight there's always the option of doing one way each day for the first few days (weeks?) until you get strong enough to do the other direction as well.

I rode a SS for years and there's a lot to be said for the simplicity of it.

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