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Assistance will be greatly appreciated

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So here's the conundrum: 

A young rider has a Momsen SL729 carbon and the little insert that holds the thru axle in place has fallen out (at one of the bike parks). I have since found another insert for a Vipa but it will work. Here's my problems: 

1) The pitch of the insert for the Vipa is different than that of the axle

2) I have another little one that comes off a Merida (which will also will as the pitch matches) but the thru axle is too short, if I use a boost axle there's movement on the rear wheel

3) I will make contact with Two Wheels Trading in the morning, maybe they have something then - Bob is an Aunty and I'm sorted but if not...... 

Then I either need to change the pitch of the Vipa insert or shorten the thru axle of the boost. Either way, I am in need of someone armed with a lathe or engineering shop who'll be able to assist with either. Maybe even make a new one all together 

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Are you in a hurry to fix it? 
if not, get the right insert. 
If that fails, an engineering shop will help you with cutting/turning and sorting out your options.

if you are in a hurry, go to a bolt shop and see if you can vind a threaded rod or bolt that fits you scenario , insert wheel, thread bolt/rod into frame and tighten other side with spanner (or a nut if you are using a threaded rod. 

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Had the same issue awhile back used the boost axle but found a bearing with a 15mm Id broke the outter off and used the inner as a bush on the axle before installing. Latter had the axle turned down at a machine shop

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