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Cederberg Mini Adventure

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Last year I reported on our Cross Cape adventure:


Before we knew a year had passed and we needed another adventure, but age, health, fitness (read as social life first, training second) all played a role and we decided on a 4 day Cederberg breakaway with 3 cycling days and one day hiking.

We roped in our recently retired buddy, Big Ron, as our backup driver and planned a route, two big days, a hike and an easy last day. Then while was away for most of April, my cycling partner, H, caught a serious covid type bug and the planned distances was scaled down. 

Day 1 was about 40 km from the top of the Katbakkies Pass east towards the Rietrivier and then a right turn towards Mount Ceder. Big Ron picked us up about 10 km before Mount Ceder, we booked into a chalet at Mount Ceder and H braaied steak.

On Day 2 Big Ron took us back to to yesterdays' pick up point and we had a quick first 8 km, it took us 16 minutes to be back at Mount Ceder and the Grootrivier. The next 5 km up the Grootrivier Pass took nearly an hour. 400+ metre of ascent.  Age, health, weight, red wine: choose your excuse.

We passed the famous Cederberg Oasis then took a left at Matjiesrivier and ended the day at Sanddrift's Venus cottage. A mere 36 km for the day. We rested the afternoon like men who cycled 136kms. The evening Big Ron was in charge: a cheese platter and nuts for starters, then he grilled chops and wors.

Day 3 was set aside for hiking. We had crisscrossed the cederberg on foot over the years, but one route we still had to add to our palmares was Wolfberg Arch from the north. I was aware of the Langkloof - Gabrielskloof option, but then I saw another option on a Slingsby map ; Jouberts Path. We drove to Langkloof and then went east via a tweespoor track.  We could not find the start of the trail, but I knew that if we bushwacked in an south easterly direction we will eventually cross the path. But I failed to keep Big Ron's world famous aversion to camping, exercise, hiking and proceeding without a clear plan in mind. Within the first 1.5 kilometer he was standing hands on hips. I knew that the first words out of his mouth will be: Listen Ouens... and then he said: Listen ouens, this is leading us nowhere, I am going back to the bakkie. H also not in the mood for adventure and I agreed to go back with them. Later I checked our tracks on Strava, we were going in the right direction, but by that time it was too late, we were having beers on the veranda.

That evening I grilled Cajun chicken with potato and onions as side dishes. Salads were beetroot, Sousbone and Three Beans. Red wine and losts of talking.

We had about a 90 minutes to cycle on the last morning as we had to check out of Venus at 10:00. We did a quick trip past the Observarorium and took the trail towards the Maltese Cross. We had time to do a short section of single track just above Lot's Wife. Then it was a shower and the trip back to Cape Town.

We agreed that we will be back, we wanted to do much better on the Grootrivier Pass and next time we will find the elusive path from the north to the Wolfberg Arch.

Listen ouens: with or without Big Ron. image.jpeg.a5e859154ef1df14a24b64c73846c9f7.jpeg







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My favourite part of the planet. Thanks for the write-up 👍, looked over the first paragraph and now eager to take in the rest of it (before no doubt heading over to your South Coast Sojourn 🙂).

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