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Italian BB

Hairy Legs

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Hi all




I am building up a old road and have come to realise that I need a BB. The BB I was intending using in of the English thread variety and I need an Italian thread BB .... the exact length of the square taper shaft I am not sure of .. the crank is a old Shimano Biopace.




Please let me know if you have anything and if so make an offer ..... if what ever BB comes with a crank too then so be it!









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No one used it cause it was based on Shimano's marketing and not really on anything valid unlike the current Q-rings where you can actually change the sweet spot? Not that I use them just that I think the adjustablity of the non-round rings is quite important.

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Good luck finding that BB. My old Bianchi uses one as well and they're as scares as hens teeth.

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Italian BBs are maybe not commonplace but certainly not scarce either. Should cost R200-R300 new. The local distributors had them in stock when I needed a Shimano one a few weeks ago.

In the end Jared at BMC made a plan and used Italian BB cups on my existing axle.

Be sure to tighten the Italian thread BB properly or it WILL come loose.




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