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  1. An e-bike blasting past unmotorised riders struggling up Chappies is just rude. The least he could have done was offer a tow as compensation.
  2. Having experienced 2009 I'm inclined to agree that the wind then was worse at times, but this year wasn't just about the wind: it was a perfect storm of events, well covered in posts above. And remember that, since WC 2010, the legalities of liability have been tightened up, both on a local and a national level. Being a ride event organiser myself I can see that the hoops we have to jump through increase every year and ultimately the Joint Operational Centre, which is heavily dependent on input from law enforcement, disaster management and traffic agencies calls the tune. A few years ago, if all our marshals were not in place half an hour before the start, the race would still go ahead; now you can be sure it won't be allowed to start. That's changed from the time when it was up to me as chief marshal (admittedly with PPA and Traffic breathing down my neck) to take the decision to call off our race when it was raining heavily on top of Ou Kaaps. The conditions were ridable for a single rider, but in my view a bunch ride could have ended in carnage. The financial loss was significant, but the risk of damage to persons, reputation, etc was too great. One thing I will say is that the CTCC start is a disaster waiting to happen and even if logistically more difficult a safer start away from that damn wind tunnel needs to be found. Everybody in Cape Town knows that place is a menace when it blows. Still, given my lack of preparation for this year's ride I think the biggest gust of wind was my sigh of relief when I got the news of the cancellation on my way to the start.
  3. ^^^ You'd think. I am wondering that myself.
  4. Until this morning, we were all set for this Sunday. It won't be easy rescheduling, but we are up for any available date. And Feb 7 is the day that the PPA hath given.
  5. As some of you know, I am involved with the organising of this event and so this comes from the horse's mouth. Latest information is that JFS 2016 has been postponed to February 7th. Edit: And the Long route has been changed to cut out Red Hill. Instead, it goes up Dido Valley Road.
  6. This was taken up nearly 3 years ago and it seems the situation has not changed. https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/120238-rant-cape-town-city-cycle-lanes/ I wrote to the City at the time, attaching photos and descriptions of vehicles parked dangerously and illegally. If they can't even go after what seem like sitting ducks (the vehicles involved), I don't feel full of confidence that the 1-metre law will be applied with any vigour.
  7. Thanks, guys, for all the feedback. As another poster mentioned, the results have been updated to reflect the correct distance in the long route. The short route was correct at 35 km.
  8. I don't know, but I will undertake to take it up with Racetec/PPA and will report back here. The 55/58 issue came about because we weren't sure about approved routing and permissions and then the PPA advert had to go in before we had clarity, so we rather played it safe by quoting the shorter distance because people get upset if they feel they are being cheated out of some distance. The routes in the South are a bit of a lottery because of the ongoing roadworks, so we don't even know if we will use the same route next year. I like it, though. Short but very sharp indeed.
  9. Thank you for taking the trouble to give me your response, Johnny Bravo. For the record, we had a two sweep pickup vehicles, one for each route. They shuttled riders to safety and then to the finish while the race was in progress and returned to the tail. We also had a communications vehicle and an ambulance at the tail of the ride. Finally, as route marshal I am the sweep vehicle of last resort. An hour and a quarter after cutoff, I met the two official sweep vehicles on Scala Road, on Red Hill, and gave them permission to stand down and return home only after we had given riders the option of (1) get on board (2) ride further in the knowledge that all services were withdrawn. An hour after this I was still driving back along the route checking for riders like the small group who first called in lost, then needed to be picked up and then made it to finish under their own steam, though without informing us. I tell you this not to bore or impress you, but to reassure you that rider safety enjoys the highest priority.
  10. Thank you for the feedback. Just a couple of questions for clarity: What particularly do you think we need to do better on the water points? What would make the ride better value for money?
  11. I saw the frontrunners up Black Hill about 8, so that would be about 1:30.
  12. Thanks for this. My online sources put ascent at 995 m for the long and 625 for the short. I'll confirm when I check the route tomorrow and Saturday. Online entries currently stand at about 700 for the long and 100 for the short.
  13. We hear you and we don't like it either, but the City has made it clear we really have no choice. Laps are a no-no and out-and-back is also frowned on. As far as I know, in terms of big events only the CTCT and Two Oceans have clearance to use the bit of tar that's under construction. The Red Hill Challenge may be a special case, possibly because of rider numbers. It pretty well looks like ours will be the only ride in the Deep South this season. Anyway, in my current state of fitness, even 55 km is probably too far. - Anthony (co-convenor)
  14. I think I see the first two finishers for our first PBP2015 prequalifier... those guys were low flying. I'm firing off a tweet now and then on an account that gets used pretty much just for this purpose: https://twitter.com/capetowntracks Just so you can see what you missed - minus the stiffish breeze, of course... Next up: 300 km from Vrede Wines, Stellenbosch, October 11th. More details at http://audaxsa.co.za/cape-town-entries-open/
  15. About a dozen of us were on Tafelberg Rd yesterday at 3 to scatter Alison's ashes. (It's worth finding out more about Alison, my cousin's daughter.) We were a little way past the barrier barring access to the end of the road, near the little rock pool.Each of us lit a candle, and after a brief tribute, we released purple (her favourite colour) balloons. At that point, two TMNP officials wandered over to ask (very politely) what we were doing. Shortly after that, a TMNP double cab arrived with a few more officials inside. One of the officials told my 70something aunt she should put out her candle, which unlike ours was stubbornly refusing to die. They were the first parks officials I'd seen since we arrived at the spot about half an hour earlier. I suppose it was just coincidence. Edit: Alison's mother was pregnant with her, but didn't know it at the time, when they visited us in Cape Town in 1995, so she has a local connection besides just having SA grandparents who emigrated to Canada in the 1960s. Table Mountain seemed like a good place for a homecoming.
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