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Boxing Day Ride in the North?


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Thank goodness I decided to turn at Krugersdorp! I would have never made it home. I had a bad case of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, more commonly referred to as 'the runs') on the way home, nearly soiled my nice white shorts... So much for my maiden ride! Ouch

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excuses, excuses - too much turkey if you ask me!


nice new bike!!!!!!!


we ended up doing about 120 @ 31km/h - nice steady ride.


more of the same tomorrow!!


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Yeah, will be at the Engen at 4:50am... As for my excuse, hardly, I almost crapped myself on the way home! Was quite relieved when I eventually got there and promptly occupied the big house for the next 40 minutes, as if I were giving birth to a coconut through my butt! Ouch A largely exhausting experience...

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